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The Elizabeth Banks Book Club

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Would you rather stand around and talk about tannins or hang out with friends and pretend to read a book about horse emotions? Your answer says a lot about what kind of wine drinker you are, and Archer Roose is looking for the latter in its latest effort to define its luxury wine as fun and accessible.

Book clubs are a great way to expand one’s exposure to literature and increase reading comprehension. They are also a really great excuse to get together and drink wine with friends, our campaign for Archer Roose shows. It’s part of the brand’s ongoing effort to democratize luxury wine and stars actress/writer/director Elizabeth Banks, who’s also co-owner and chief creative officer.

But the star of numerous comedy films and director of Cocaine Bear is just the latest Hollywood multi-hyphenate to launch one of these literary salons, so we gave hers special appeal: the Elizabeth Banks Book Club is the first-ever where the books don’t actually matter. 

Isn’t that the not-so-secret secret of book clubs anyway? That they're actually an excuse for friends to get together and enjoy wine?

The objective of our :45 video announcing the mission was to disrupt the wine industry by introducing the idea that luxury wine can come in cans. This effort was aided with social media (Instagram) posts that detailed how people could hold their own events. They were given a litany of fake literary titles to feature along with instructions to buy a case of Archer Roose for their parties.


To poke fun at the all-too-common celebrity book club, we created a “book club for booze bags.”

Instagram users automatically joined “the club” by following @archerroosewines. Members were encouraged to share the club’s nonexistent titles, such as “How to Play the Violin Despite Your IBS,” “Riding a Bike is Hard. Tax Fraud is Easy,” and “Things Horses Care About” on their personal channels. Additionally, they were encouraged to stock up on Archer Roose, call their own book club meeting (Read: drink wine with friends), and brag about their participation in the program to gain that smart person social clout associated with being in a book club. Each book title was paired with a wine varietal.

Throughout the summer, users checked out Archer Roose’s Instagram feed for additional playful book titles and ongoing social support around the club.

The promotion—and all marketing we create for Banks and Archer Roose—revolves around the idea of not taking ourselves too seriously. Drinking wine doesn’t have to be so stuffy.



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