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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

EF Ultimate Break — TikTok Presence

Finalist in TikTok Presence


As a travel brand exclusive to 18–35 year olds, we know the importance of TikTok to our demographic. It’s not just a way to communicate with an audience—it’s a search engine, an inspiration hub, and a form of entertainment all rolled into one.

So, we strive to be all those things. We want to meet Gen Zs and Millennials where we know they are, delivering travel content that endears our brand to travel lovers and keeps us top of mind when it’s time to book a trip.

We’ve set out to build a community for travelers, giving people a home for all things wanderlust—location-specific ideas and inspiration, news on trip drops, trending content, and anything real, authentic, and relatable that scratches that travel itch.

To measure success, we track community growth, views, and engagement.

Strategy and Execution

From a brand perspective, it’s our goal to be a travel BFF for our customers—the kind of person who’s down to Earth, but also down for anything. We’re the unflappable, type-A friend who chronically TikTok searches restaurants, navigates the subway at rush hour in Tokyo, and hypes up the group when they’re a bit wary of ziplining through a cloud forest.

We apply this same brand persona on TikTok. We jump on trending audio, CapCuts, and formats quickly. We post first, ask permission later. We understand that everyone who engages with our content is at a different stage in their journey—and we create a variety of content at the intersection of travel and trends to reflect that.

From time to time, we acknowledge and support promotions, contests, and brand news on the platform. When doing so, we identify ways to accomplish business goals while remaining relevant on platform. In short: We make TikToks, not ads.


In 2023, @EFUltimateBreak content received a whopping 27,705,744 total views.

And while views are important, they only really matter if you're engaging the audience. 

How’s a 5% average engagement rate on TikTok sound? That’s +194.2%* above the travel industry average. Sounds pretty great, tbh.

Our following increased by +23,168 in 2023, closing out the year with 725,431 followers.


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EF Ultimate Break


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