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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Don’t be a Wrong-Sizer

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The Wrongsizer video illustrates the concept of tackling the packaging industry's inefficiencies by introducing a dynamic and adaptive solution. The driving idea revolves around a woman who uses “wrong-sized” items in most aspects of her life up until she receives a package perfectly curated to the size of the product inside. The video looks to rectify the often overlooked issue of oversized packaging. By harnessing technology to dynamically adjust box sizes based on the actual dimensions of the product, the Wrongsizer video aims to show how right-size packaging revolutionizes the packaging process, making it more sustainable and customer-centric.

The video shows the potential positive impact on customer satisfaction. By delivering products in appropriately sized packages, businesses using the right-sized boxes can provide a better unboxing experience for customers. This not only reflects positively on the brand but also reduces the frustration often associated with excessive packaging.

Another key goal of the Wrongsizer video is to demonstrate the reduction of environmental impact. By dynamically adjusting packaging sizes to fit the actual dimensions of the product, the system minimizes material usage and, consequently, reduces waste. This aligns with the global push towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Additionally a goal of the Wrongsizer video is the enhancement of operational efficiency in packaging processes. Traditional packaging methods often result in inefficiencies due to standardized box sizes that may not be the best fit for every product. By dynamically resizing packages the packaging process is streamlined, reduces costs, and improves overall operational efficiency.

Strategy and Execution

Everyone has endured the experience of receiving a package on your doorstep that is much too large for the product packed inside, and is stuffed with wasteful filler. We wanted to create a funny and engaging video that highlights how ridiculous this issue is, and how it can be corrected. 

Packsize and Digital Spark Studios collaborated on generating ideas that highlighted the foolishness of the concept of wrongsizing. We approached the task by considering the question: “What if other daily use items were as oversized as boxes often are?”

The collaboration resulted in a list of experiences that our audience would be familiar with, and experiences that would invoke a positive and humorous emotional response. (jogging with a giant water bottle, applying makeup with a paintbrush, etc.).  We then brainstormed on the best way to frame the story. Should it be a singular consistent character, or should it be snapshots of unique examples highlighting multiple characters?  Should it be in a single time period, or should it highlight wrongsizing throughout history?  Ultimately we landed on a single character to be our star, and we would focus on recent experiences.

Once we knew the story we wanted to tell, we went through a rigorous casting exercise to identify a character that was funny and relatable, and perhaps somebody that our audience would want to see more of in the future.

Similar to character selection, filming was set in locations that would be familiar and relatable to the audience, and props were selected to be funny yet immediately recognizable.  We wanted to be sure the story was clear, and the message would resonate.

The biggest challenge was telling the story of what Packsize does, without using the traditional methods of showing Packsize machines in action. The message had to be conveyed in a unique, funny, and more consumer-driven way. Therefore, the story focused on the benefits of right-sizing through contrasting with the inconvenience of wrong-sizing. Rather than the traditional methods of pointing out data and statistics, we relied on visuals and emotion. 



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Packsize successfully achieved its objective by creating a video that communicated the advantages of right-sizing in packaging. They began by defining clear goals for their campaign, aiming to promote the concept's functionality and drive adoption. With a deep understanding of their target audience, Packsize tailored the video content to resonate with their audience's needs and concerns.

The video provided educational content, explaining the benefits of right-sizing, including customer satisfaction, reduced environmental impact, and improved operational efficiency. To enhance engagement, the content incorporated visually appealing elements such as a woman living her daily life and the impact of wrong-sizing. Real-life examples and case studies were included to make the concept more relatable and showcase practical applications.

A clear call-to-action prompted viewers to take specific steps, such as contacting Packsize for more information or exploring their right-sizing solutions. The video was strategically distributed across various platforms, including social media and the company website, to maximize its reach. Through this comprehensive approach, Packsize not only met its objectives but also solidified its position as a thought leader in the packaging industry, driving awareness and adoption of right-sizing practices.

Perhaps the most gratifying illustration of the results came in the form of a public comment on the LinkedIn video post from the Digital Marketing Manager of a primary competitor: "We need to recognize great work, even when it comes from a competitor."


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