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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in TikTok


TOSTITOS, renowned for its mouthwatering tortilla chips and dips that bring people together, sought to authentically connect with Gen Z through the power of music. Leveraging the distinctive sounds of TOSTITOS chips crunching, bags shuffling, and dip jars opening, we embarked on a mission to raise awareness among Gen Z through a social-first approach. Our primary objective was to establish a strong association between TOSTITOS and music, effectively reaching our key audience. To achieve this, we devised an ingenious TikTok influencer campaign, skillfully remixing our sonic identity under the captivating hashtag #TostitosRemix.

Strategy and Execution

With TikTok insights as our guide, we embarked on a creative journey to remix our sonic identity into three distinct genres: Hip Hop, Pop, and Bachata. Collaborating with six influential content creators, we meticulously crafted culturally relevant remixes that resonated with our target audience. To generate excitement and encourage engagement, we invited users to duet on TikTok, offering them a chance to win $5,000. Tracking the entries exclusively through the #TostitosRemix hashtag on TikTok, we ensured a seamless and immersive campaign experience. Moreover, Tostitos' official TikTok account actively participated by creating its own duets, further amplifying the campaign's reach and impact. This first-of-its kind campaign fr the brand spanned over three weeks, captivating our audience with every beat.


After deploying the campaign, #TostitosRemix garnered 109.7 Million impressions, 3.8 Million total engagements, and 200+ entries. Additionally, TOSTITOS also increased in total followers by 21% on TikTok. Our primary demographic for these videos ranged from ages 18-33, which connected with our primary KPI of reaching Gen Z. These results came directly from social engagement, without any PR support. Our calculated risk of driving higher association between Tostitos and music proved successful, with the increase in total followers, total impressions, and total engagements garnered.


Video for TOSTITOS Remixer

Entrant Company / Organization Name

D3 (PepsiCo Foods US In-House Agency), Tostitos


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