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CVS Health LED Whitening + Power Toothbrush Launch

Entered in On a Shoestring


In the ever-evolving landscape of dental care, we were given the task to promote the launch of CVS's LED Whitening Kit and Smile Sonic Power Toothbrush through a “mini” influencer campaign. Managing the campaign, my primary focus was on achieving key objectives centered around brand awareness, social engagement, and expanding organic reach across TikTok and Instagram. To accomplish these goals, I carefully curated a group of five influencers, consisting of one macro talent and four micro influencers spanning diverse categories. Leveraging the influencers' authentic voices and engaging content styles, we aimed to introduce and familiarize their audiences with the LED Whitening Kit and the CVS Health Smile Sonic Power Toothbrush.


Creating a buzz on social media was a top priority. Through a mix of storytelling and genuine product experiences and reviews, the influencers were tasked with generating conversations and discussions around the CVS dental products. Harnessing the visual power of short-form video content on TikTok and Instagram, our strategy focused on maximizing organic reach. The influencers crafted engaging content, utilizing platform-specific features to amplify the campaign's visibility without solely relying on paid promotions or additional boosting dollars that we were not equipped with.



One of the biggest hurdles to navigate during this campaign was operating within the constraints of a smaller budget and virtually zero control over any paid amplification or access to CVS's official social media handles (we were an agency that was outsourced for this specific product launch, separately from their internal social team). With a small budget at our disposal and solely relying on organic performance, creativity became our most valuable asset.


That being said, our macro talent, Madison Humphrey, in the comedy space was a strategic move to infuse humor into the campaign, fostering an environment on her platform that was conducive to viral chatter. Since Madison is known for her comedic twist on every day, awkward situations, we gave her the creative freedom to devise content that seamlessly integrated the CVS dental products into a humorous scenario. Through a clever skit and light-hearted narrative, she sparked conversations in her comment section, encouraging followers to share and engage with the content.


To add depth and authenticity to the campaign, we enlisted four micro influencers with expertise in dental hygiene and lifestyle content. This diverse group allowed us to tap into specific niches, addressing the unique needs and interests of our target audience. Each micro influencer crafted content that seamlessly blended the CVS dental products into their daily routines, gave legitimate product reviews from dental hygienists, and emphasized practical usage while highlighting the product’s benefits and features.


Throughout the campaign, a consistent narrative thread was woven across all influencers' content, ensuring cohesive brand messaging. While the campaign spanned across TikTok & IG, there was a consistent CTA to click to shop the link in bio of all influencers, encouraging viewers to try the brand new products themselves. We contracted influencers to actively respond to comments, fostering a sense of community and strengthening the campaign's impact. Engaging captions and direct engagement with followers enhanced the overall social experience and encouraged the viral chatter.



In overcoming the challenges posed by a small budget and restricted control over managing the brand’s social channels, the campaign turned out to be a testament to the resilience and creativity of influencer marketing. By strategically navigating these constraints, we not only met our campaign objectives, but exceeded expectations.


Our biggest win from this campaign was achieving a viewership of almost 4.8M organically across TikTok & Instagram; our shining star being our partnership with Madison whose content garnered 4.2M views, 454,000 likes, 642 comments and 16,200 saves, all organically on her TikTok. Madison’s REEL on IG was a close second in performance, reaching over 513,000 views, 9,226 likes, 93 comments, and 1,558 saves, again, all organic performance. This unexpected surge in engagement not only launched the campaign into the spotlight but also laid the groundwork for the exceptional overall performance across both TikTok and Instagram.



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Skirt PR, CVS Health