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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Not Just For Show

Silver Honor in LGBTQ Community Engagement

Audience Honor in LGBTQ Community Engagement


According to Nielsen Canada, less than 25% of the 2SLGBTQ+ community feels represented in TV and streaming.

As one of the top streaming services, Prime Video Canada understands the power stories have — especially when it comes to telling and depicting authentic 2SLGBTQ+ narratives, which are so often overlooked, oversimplified, and under-represented.

When 2SLGBTQ+ experiences are shared authentically, embracing many voices and perspectives, they can shape lives, drive change, and mirror society. Stories are impactful — and when they’re done well, they're not just for show.

Our aim was to bring awareness to the issue, as a first step toward making bigger change in our industry as a whole. 


Strategy and Execution

With this campaign, we wanted to honour Prime Video’s ongoing commitment to the 2SLGBTQ+ community and to telling 2SLGBTQ+ stories authentically. So we partnered with eight influential and representative voices and cast them as the main characters, putting their stories at the forefront.

To kick it off, our cast shared their POV on the importance of representation across the entertainment industry, and what it means to them personally, on NOTJUSTFORSHOW.CA. This site became a content hub for the campaign, spotlighting their influential videos and the powerful messages they had to share, ultimately providing useful resources for the entire community. 

To further amplify their voices, Prime Video Canada shared their stories online on the brand’s Instagram and TikTok channels. They also extended their reach IRL with digital billboards, wild postings, and even created interactive brand experiences during Toronto and Montreal's Pride Parades — two of the biggest 2SLGBTQ+ moments across North America.

But this problem needed a solution that extended beyond awareness. Prime Video Canada knew they were in a position to make an impact. While the brand loves storytelling, they also believe in creating change through 'storydoing'. That’s why they created the Inclusion Playbook, an industry-first guide to embedding diversity and inclusion practices. From casting all the way to editing, this playbook ensures the right resources go into authentic 2SLGBTQ+ storytelling.

Prime Video Canada's Not Just For Show campaign reframed the narrative, establishing that when it comes to telling and depicting authentic 2SLGBTQ+ stories, every scene is an opportunity to feel seen.

Diverse, nuanced, thoughtful, authentic, well-told 2SLGBTQ+ stories matter.

They’re Not Just For Show.



Our influential voices spoke and Canada responded.

We surpassed site traffic goals by 200%

After Pride Month, Canadians talked 122% more about Prime Video than ever before — associating Prime Video as an ally to the community.

Media and other influential voices also took note, driving incremental PR coverage to our campaign — adding an incremental value of $1.02M in earned media. 

Even our influencers were so vested in the campaign that they delivered 166% more content than contracted. 

Overall, our campaign had unprecedented results for Prime Video Canada with 73.6M impressions, +171% organic engagement, and a first-ever set of industry guidelines that will continue to ensure future 2SLGBTQ+ stories are told authentically.



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We Are Social, Prime Video Canada


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