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Retirement security is an issue that impacts many Canadians, and CAAT Pension Plan believes that every Canadian deserves access to a workplace pension. CAAT set out to create a podcast that promoted modern defined benefit pension plans without solely focusing on pensions as a topic, casting a wide net for listeners, but ultimately focusing on Canadian leaders who are contributors in their own right. As CAAT is leading fundamental change and disrupting the retirement savings industry, we reached out to like-minded leaders to speak to on Contributors. Leaders who are prioritizing significant change for our future. In each episode, we explore how these leaders go beyond the bottom line to build a foundation for a better Canada. We find what makes them exemplary leaders, and share tangible takeaways for listeners.


To ensure the success of Contributors, the team knew the strategy would need to go beyond just podcast episodes, especially as a B2B podcast, which can be an extremely competitive landscape. To bolster these efforts, we created a robust content ecosystem surrounding the podcast that included multiple blog posts per episode, targeted email campaigns customized for multiple audiences, both B2B and B2C, social media posts for the host, guest, and company to share, and sharing each episode internally. In addition, we crafted a free e-book: “Lessons From the Leaders”, to share even more advice from the prestigious leaders we spoke to over the course of season 1.

One of the key learnings here was the creation of both B2B and B2C content. This has been an incredibly effective way to see the show reach not only its target audience, but many other audience segments who may glean value from the content. An example of this is the fourth episode of season two, The Marathon for Talent - How to attract and retain talent through a long-term lens, which examines the modern workplace in a post-COVID world. The episode takes a deep dive into the changes to the employment landscape that would appeal to leaders, and why it’s important to always be upskilling to keep an edge over the competition, for the employees. This is the highest performing of the series so far, and has amassed over 11k downloads to date.


Contributors is in its second season, and people are listening! Not only does the podcast have over 100K downloads to date, it has reached the top 20 charts on Apple Podcasts, and received multiple awards, including 3 Gold MarCom Awards in 2023, two Hermes Creative Awards in 2023, one for best podcast series and one for best podcast episode; A Thriving Future - How Deloitte is harnessing optimism for a better Canada. Contributors has also been named the Top Innovative Branded Podcast by Bay St. Bull. 

Website visits were an important KPI for the CAAT team. In 2022, the website had 10,028 visits, and in 2023 to date, that number has almost doubled to an impressive 19,874.



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