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Cocaine Bear

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Our goal with the Cocaine Bear social media campaign was to create a viral sensation that toed the line(s) without crossing them, featuring meme culture at its highest, and showcasing a campaign voice & tone that embraced the chaotic energy of the Internet and the equally chaotic energy of a bear high out of its mind.


Our north star was simple: a bear did cocaine. 

Guided by that principle, our campaign went beyond the norm to get fans energized. We tailored our social voice to each platform to foster authentic connections, conversations, and laughs with fans. On X and TikTok, we really let the bear off the leash and crafted an irreverent and unhinged social voice that struck a chord with our audience.

Leveraging Internet humor and emphasizing flexibility, we were able to stay on top of the latest trends and insert Cokey the Bear into the cultural zeitgeist - including a full social surround during the Super Bowl. Each piece of social content was designed to claw through the traditional advertising approach audiences are accustomed to and drive conversation.



Cocaine Bear roared to 9.2M engagements and 22.8M impressions across Instagram, TikTok, X, and Facebook. Our work was picked up by several publications, who recognized the impact this social campaign had in converting virality on social media to box office results.


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Digital Media Management, Universal Pictures


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