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Cheetos Duster 2.0

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Have you ever thought to add Cheetle to your recipes to make them extra crunchy and cheesy? Consumers all over were smashing Cheetos to spice up chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and even mac and cheese. Cheetos took this process of making, what is now called Cheetle, to the next level by releasing a limited addition Cheeto Duster on Amazon in 2022.  

The novelty of the Cheetos Duster drove a frenzy in 2022, it had consumers buzzing all over social media to get their hands on a Duster and create delicious Cheetle covered recipes. It was so in demand that people started re-selling and buying Dusters off eBay to fulfill that Cheetle craving. So in 2023, Cheetos set out to bring the Cheetos Duster back at mass scale with a bigger media campaign behind it. All with the hopes that a Cheetos Duster 2.0 would have a place on all our cult’s kitchen counters. Cheetos wanted to secure their place in the kitchen beyond the snacking occasion and ensure consumers were thinking of Cheetos as an ingredient to cook with. The Cheetos Duster gave the brand an opportunity to release refreshed recipe content featuring Cheetle. 

We took our Amazon partnership to the next level by utilizing their suite of product offerings from Alexa cues to Cheetos branded packaging wraps to amplify the news that Cheetos Duster is back and better than ever. To scale the news further we set out to encourage Cheetos recipe inspiration through highlighting the versatility of Cheetle within culinary-centric digital/social environments, leveraging cross-channel and full funnel tactics to reach our mass audience and drive to point of purchase. 


There is no better time to relaunch a product than Black Friday, right? Tapping into the gift givers hype leading up to the biggest shopping event of the year, Cheetos focused on driving reach and excitement with the announcement of the re-launch of the beloved Cheetos Duster.  

Given the products success on Amazon in 2022 we looked to their platform to create a 360 media plan that incorporated all Amazon touch points including their CTV/OLV offerings, a custom recipe hub, Cheetos branded packaging wrap and an Alexa branded experience all launching prior to the Cheetos Duster relaunch to build excitement around the product.  

Users were able to access to Cheetle recipe content by saying “Alexa, Dust Yeah!” These new recipes were also able to be discovered on our custom recipe hub that was hosted on Amazon. To drive engagement with both the Alexa voice command and the recipe hub, Cheetos leveraged an updated Cheetos Duster video that featured the new recipes and shared this across Amazon online video and CTV inventory. Custom audio ads were also created to help encourage users to use the Alexa command.  

Going beyond Amazon and to further amplify the re-launch Gen-Z influencers were leveraged to cultivate playful recipe content that drove social chatter and excitement surrounding the Cheetos Duster.  

On Black Friday weekend Cheetos Duster went live on Amazon with a chef hosted QVC inspired livestream, giving viewers access to order the Cheetos Duster and received 4x exclusive new recipes. The live stream lived on the Cheetos Amazon brand store page for access after the event to continue to encourage sales.   

Throughout the program we also leveraged high-profile digital video platforms cross-channel to drive to point of purchase and highlight the versatility of Cheetos. We enlisted Vox to amplify the news at scale of the Cheetos Duster across Eater, Thrillist and O&O Vox YouTube channel. 


Cheetos was able to innovate beyond food into a tangible product; outperforming 2022 sales and increasing brand favorability (+3pts) 


Video for Cheetos Duster 2.0

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OMD U.S., Frito Lay North America


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