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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Hawke Media x Celestron: Ignite The Wonder of The Universe!

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


"Ignited The Wonder of the Universe!"

Campaign Objective: The objective of the campaign was to generate buzz, increase brand awareness, and drive product visibility by partnering with influencers for a product exchange.

Through this exchange, influencers received Celestron products in exchange for creating engaging and authentic content to promote the brand and its products to their respective audiences.

Hawke Media aimed to inspire audiences, spark their curiosity about the universe, and position Celestron as the go-to brand for transformative stargazing experiences. Through engaging content, educational resources, and exclusive offers, Hawke nurtured a vibrant community of astronomy enthusiasts, fostering a sense of wonder and exploration among audiences worldwide.



In an effort to elevate Celestron's market presence, Hawke Media set clear objectives for Celestron's influencer strategy, aiming to harness social proof, branded content, and brand awareness. The plan involved collaborating with micro to mid-tier influencers, guiding them to produce content aligning with Celestron's vision. This content was designed to be shared across Celestron’s marketing channels and finely tuned for impact. The initiative focused on enhancing brand visibility through influencer content, leveraging tags, and mentions to weave Celestron’s narrative into the digital conversation. Moreover, the strategy sought to capitalize on influencers' endorsements of Celestron products, building trust and credibility. The ultimate goal was to propel Celestron to new heights of recognition, leveraging digital collaborations to affirm its market standing.

Strategy and Execution

Bringing the Celestron Influencer Campaign to life was an orchestration of strategy and creativity, aimed at amplifying Celestron’s market presence and showcasing its products through dynamic social media engagement and influencer partnerships. The campaign was initiated in response to Celestron’s multifaceted challenge: despite being a leader in the optics industry, its digital footprint didn’t reflect its market dominance. The primary hurdles included revitalizing its social media strategy to outperform competitors, significantly expanding its follower base, and improving the frequency and quality of its content output, all while contending with the absence of an in-house team for creating engaging visual content.

Hawke's strategy was meticulously laid out in phases, starting with extensive research and planning. This foundational step was crucial for developing a comprehensive influencer launch strategy and selecting influencers who not only had the expertise in Celestron’s domain but also the creativity to produce engaging and educational content. This approach addressed the challenge of the missing in-house content creation capabilities by leveraging influencers’ skills to fill this gap.

As Hawke moved into the implementation phase, several key initiatives were rolled out to breathe life into Celestron’s objectives. Hawke overhauled Celestron’s social media strategy, particularly on platforms like Instagram, which led to a significant increase in followers and profile actions. This revamp was indicative of heightened user engagement and interest in Celestron’s content, marking a successful stride towards revitalizing the brand’s social media presence.

Hawke's partnership with key influencers resulted in a surge of high-quality content across Celestron’s channels. This influx of influencer-generated content significantly boosted impressions and engagements, showcasing the effectiveness of Hawke's influencer selection and content strategy in capturing the audience’s interest and fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

By utilizing influencer-generated content, Hawke optimized Celestron’s paid social campaigns on TikTok, achieving exceptional performance metrics. This strategy was particularly impactful given the high-value nature of Celestron’s products, demonstrating the power of leveraging authentic, influencer-created content in paid advertising to engage a broader audience.

The campaign’s journey was marked by Hawke's unique approach to overcoming the initial challenges. By integrating a symphony of strategy and creativity, Hawke not only navigated the lack of in-house content creation capabilities but also set new benchmarks in social media engagement and influencer marketing. Maintaining the authenticity of the content and ensuring alignment with Celestron’s brand values were pivotal challenges that Hawke turned into opportunities for deeper engagement and brand advocacy.

In essence, the Celestron Influencer Campaign was a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships, creative content, and innovative social media tactics in elevating a brand’s digital presence. It showcased how a carefully orchestrated campaign by Hawke could overcome significant challenges to achieve remarkable success in follower growth, engagement, and brand visibility, setting a new precedent for Celestron’s marketing endeavors.


Hawke's team objectives were not only met but exceeded through the Celestron Influencer Campaign, marking it a resounding success. The strategic alignment with micro to mid-tier influencers and the execution of a multifaceted social media strategy yielded impressive results. The net followers on Instagram saw a dramatic increase of 138.7%, a clear indicator of the campaign's ability to attract and retain a significant new audience. Additionally, the increase in profile actions by 41.7% signifies a higher level of user engagement, demonstrating that the content resonated well with the audience, prompting them to explore more about Celestron.

The overall followers' growth of 10% across platforms is a testament to the campaign's effectiveness in broadening Celestron's digital footprint and enhancing its brand visibility. Moreover, the TikTok ads achieved a remarkable 47% increase in impressions, showcasing the campaign's success in leveraging influencer-generated content to captivate and engage audiences on one of the most dynamic social media platforms.

These metrics not only demonstrate the campaign's achievement in meeting its primary objectives of increasing brand awareness, generating social proof, and driving product visibility but also underscore the strategic efficacy of Hawke's approach. The significant growth in followers, enhanced user engagement, and increased impressions on TikTok collectively validate the campaign's success, illustrating the impactful synergy between strategic influencer partnerships and targeted social media marketing efforts.


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Hawke Media, Celestron


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