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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Silver Honor in Instagram Partnership


In India, there are approximately 4 million existing influencers who consistently create a wide range of content, impacting over 100 million Indians daily. From making character sketches, dancing on reels to selling every possible product via collaboration - they do it all. Amid the relentless content creation and consumption, KITKAT aimed to provide everyone with a well-deserved break.


Strategy and Execution

Fact: Over 100 million Indians are glued to their screens every day, bombarded with content from millions of influencers. From hilarious skits to the latest dance craze, it's a non-stop content circus.

That's where our genius comes in. We saw people drowning in content and thought, "Hold on, everyone needs a break!"

So, we stepped in with a campaign that reminded everyone to take a break and grab a KitKat. We're talking about a massive effort, reaching millions and reminding them to take a breather from the content frenzy.

Basically, we swooped in like a superhero and saved the day, one KITKAT break at a time.


With our campaign, we spread the message to #CatchABreak with KitKat, and guess what? People listened!

Our campaign was a huge hit, generating over a billion impressions and racking up almost 900 million views. People started engaging with it from every city - over 4.7 million interactions! Plus, brand recall went up a whopping 2.77%.

We didn't just sell KitKats, we saved people from content overload. We gave them that much-needed moment of relaxation and reminded them to #CatchABreak. KITKAT became their escape hatch from the digital chaos, and that's a success story we're proud of.



Video for #CatchABreak

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Social Panga & Eleve Media, KitKat India


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