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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Entered in Social Good Campaign


The project, led by The GRACE Foundation of New York, embarked on a remarkable journey to achieve a world record by constructing the World's largest human infinity symbol, symbolizing the beautiful diversity within neurodiversity. This endeavor was not just about breaking records; it was about creating a deeply moving narrative, captured in a captivating video, showcasing the strength of inclusivity. The ultimate aim was to carve out a space free from judgment and discrimination, where every participant could feel valued and included in a truly extraordinary event.

Autism spectrum disorder affects a significant number of individuals, with statistics revealing its growing prevalence. Yet, beyond the numbers lies a profound truth: autism knows no boundaries of gender, race, or creed.  It's crucial to understand that autism and other neurological variations are not flaws but simply differences, and they do not diminish one's humanity or right to a fulfilling life.

The event held at St. Joseph by the Sea High School brought together around 1200 students alongside over 350 community partners, all determined to surpass the previous record set in 2019. Against the backdrop of Staten Island, this gathering of diverse individuals conveyed a profound message of unity. It highlighted the undeniable truth that despite our differences, we are all integral parts of the same community, deserving of equal recognition and respect. 

Through its tireless efforts, The GRACE Foundation of New York continues to empower individuals living with autism spectrum disorder, advocating for their rights and celebrating the richness of their lives.


Strategy and Execution

Bringing our project to life required meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and a deep commitment to our cause. Our plan of action was multi-faceted, focusing on various aspects to ensure the success and impact of our endeavor.

First and foremost, we established a clear vision for the project: to create the world's largest human infinity symbol, representing the infinite diversity and beauty within neurodiversity. This vision guided every decision and action we took throughout the process.

In addition to our comprehensive plan of action, the execution of the event involved adhering to specific parameters set forth by The Guinness Book of World Records, adding an extra layer of complexity and precision to our efforts. One key requirement was ensuring that the infinity symbol displayed two distinct colors, a detail that required meticulous planning and execution.

To achieve this, we developed a well-executed plan to organize rows of participants in a manner that would accurately form the symbol. Utilizing a drone, we carefully orchestrated the movement of individuals into their designated spaces, ensuring a uniform and visually striking representation of the infinity symbol. Once everyone was in place, we maintained absolute stillness to capture the perfect "money shot."

Following the completion of the formation, we awaited the adjudicator's decision, which would determine whether we had successfully broken the record. The anticipation was palpable as we awaited approval or disapproval of our efforts. A disapproval meant that despite our meticulous planning and execution, we had fallen short of our goal.

Our project stands out as truly unique because it represents not just one, but two groundbreaking achievements in the form of Guinness World Records. By securing our second record with the creation of the world's largest human infinity symbol, we solidified our place as the sole holders of two Guinness World Records in Staten Island.

What makes this accomplishment even more remarkable is the sheer magnitude of community involvement it represents. Across two separate events, we brought together an astounding total of 3,963 individuals, each contributing to the formation of two profoundly meaningful symbols. The first event, held in April 2023, saw 2,423 participants come together to create the world's largest human puzzle piece, symbolizing autism awareness and acceptance. More recently, our second event united 1,540 individuals to form the world's largest human infinity symbol, representing the infinite diversity within neurodiversity.

This unprecedented feat speaks volumes about the power of community engagement and collective action. Through our efforts, we not only broke records but also fostered a sense of unity, inclusivity, and empowerment among thousands of individuals. By creating visually striking symbols that embody important messages of acceptance and diversity, we've made a lasting impact on our community and beyond.

Our project's unique combination of record-breaking achievements, community engagement, and advocacy for neurodiversity sets it apart as a truly extraordinary endeavor. It serves as a testament to what can be achieved when people come together with a shared vision and unwavering determination to make a positive difference in the world.




Participating in this Guinness World Record event is more than an achievement; it's a vivid reminder of our ongoing mission at the GRACE Foundation.  The infinity symbol we created represents a never-ending cycle of support, love, and advocacy for neurodiversity. It's a promise that we, as a community, will always strive to uplift and empower each unique individual.

Bringing together over 1500 people is a profound experience. It wasn't just a gathering; it was a heartfelt celebration of inclusivity and unity. Seeing people from all walks of life come together with a shared purpose was incredibly inspiring.

Our dedication to raising awareness about ASD and neurodiversity was a journey of empathy and understanding.  By embracing diversity, we create a richer, more compassionate world for everyone.

Achieving not one, but two Guinness World Records was a testament to our collective spirit and determination. It showed all what's possible when we come together with a shared vision and a commitment to making a difference. It wasn't just about the records themselves; it was about the journey  and pride when we saw our community come together in solidarity.

But perhaps the most meaningful aspect of our project was its lasting impact. It wasn't just a one-time event; it was a catalyst for change. It sparked conversations and inspired us to be more inclusive and understanding in our daily lives. Change starts with each of us, and that by embracing our differences, we create a stronger, more resilient community for everyone.





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The GRACE Foundation of New York


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