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Boy Fridge

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In the dynamic world of TikTok, where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, the challenge was to not just participate in these fleeting moments but to create a lasting impact. For Guy Fieri's Flavortown, the goal is to establish the brand as a trendsetter in the digital content space. The aim was to break through the clutter of typical content by creating a community moment.


The strategy revolved around taking a popular existing TikTok trend and giving it a unique spin. The selected trend was "girl dinner," known for its simplicity and relatability. We decided to introduce its antithesis, "boy fridge," a concept that played on humor and exaggeration. The central piece of the concept was a creatively filmed TikTok video featuring a fridge unexpectedly filled to the brim with rotisserie chickens, accompanied by a catchy and trending rock soundtrack. This approach was designed to align with TikTok’s core pillars of creativity, spontaneity, and community engagement, ensuring that it struck a chord with the platform's users. The idea was simple yet bold, aiming to catch viewers off-guard and prompt a reaction—whether that be laughter, surprise, or the inspiration to create their own version of the trend.



The “boy fridge” video became more than just another entertaining TikTok video, quickly sparking a micro-trend on the platform. Even Kraft Heinz’s Lunchables got in on the action with their derivative, “kid fridge” soon after, demonstrating the power of the concept.


Our video achieved viral status, amassing 13.9M views on Instagram along with another 3M on TikTok. It garnered 677K and 486K likes, and more than 4000 and 3200 comments respectively on each platform. These numbers were not just statistics; they represented a high level of user engagement and interaction from our community base of 900K, indicating that the content resonated well beyond our followers. 


The success of the video extended beyond TikTok. The micro-trend it sparked led to increased visibility for our content and the unique and humorous nature of the video caught the attention of digital media outlets, garnering earned media coverage and amplifying its reach.


User’s paints it best: “It’s beautiful”.



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Superdigital, Flavortown


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