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Bobbie: “Dear Restaurants: Please Install Changing Tables In Your Men’s Restroom”

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The year was 2023, and restaurants still lacked changing tables in the men’s restroom. This was (and continues to be) a major inconvenience for parents dining out. 


So, why’s an infant formula company talking about it on social media? Because our mission is to support the modern parent, and modern moms and dads are tired of restaurants assuming that only moms can change diapers.


With the goal of resonating with parents and reaching business owners, we took to Instagram with a straight-forward message: “Dear Restaurants: Please install changing tables in your men’s restroom.”


To bring awareness to the issue, we partnered with our editorial site, Milk Drunk, to bring long-form written content to Instagram. We gave Nick Ciavarella, father and Milk Drunk contributor, a platform to air his grievances (and, apparently, the grievances of 1.3 million others) with a seven-frame, text-based carousel.



The best part? This wasn’t the first time we shared the “Dear Restaurants” message. We repurposed a previously shared post that performed well, optimized the content by implementing creative changes pulled from performance insights, and ended up being our most successful post ever, organically reaching 1.3 million people. The original post only reached 48K people. 

The lessons learned? It’s okay — encouraged, even — to reshare an “old” post, and always, always, always test new iterations of existing content to maximize ROI.



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