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BMW XM Launch

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In 2023, BMW introduced the first-ever XM, a vehicle like no other. Through a combination of intoxicating electrified performance, cutting-edge drive system technology and compromise-free design offering a level of customization and exclusivity like never before, the XM was BMW’s most high-end vehicle ever created, perfectly blending luxury, performance, and technology. BMW’s objectives were clear: elevate awareness of the XM, engage ultra-affluent individuals who would connect with the XM, and use the XM to create a halo effect around other BMW models.

Our challenge? Ultra-affluent audiences are not easily connected with, let alone swayed. As an audience with refined tastes who value exclusivity, they are discerning not only in terms of which products they select but also which media they consume. In order to connect with them in a way that would turn their heads, we needed to look beyond typical advertising methods.

Through our research we found that ultra-luxury audiences value experiences, but not in the typical sense. Contrasting Millennials and Gen Z’s need for shared experiences, ultra-luxury audiences seek out exclusive experiences that elevate their status. As individuals who desire to command influence in their inner circles and in society, they collect novel experiences that are tailored to their unique tastes and consume premium content that is carefully curated.

This learning led us to a pivotal insight—just as the XM is one-of-a-kind, our audience aspires to be one-of-a-kind themselves. They have a heightened need for bespoke content and elevated experiences in order to grab their attention and connect with them on a deeper level.



Our strategy was centered around using media in game-changing ways. Just as our audience aspired to be one-of-a-kind, we needed to show up in unexpected and impactful ways, reinforcing the XM as a game-changer and its ability to command status and influence.

We first started by partnering with three extraordinary individuals who are known for challenging convention, but who are not typically associated with automotive. In a departure from run-of-the-mill influencers, we partnered with professional basketball champion Serge Ibaka, two-star Michelin Award-winning chef Masaki Saito, and digital mural artist Maalavidaa. This collaboration resulted in an anthology video series, offering audiences an unexpected journey into the minds of these game-changers and their synergies with the XM. By aligning these standout personalities with the XM, we positioned the vehicle as a true game-changer in the eyes of the public.

Venturing further beyond traditional approaches, our strategy extended to platforms that changed the game. TikTok, having transformed the social media space and redefined content consumption, was a clear choice for connecting with our audience, as they carefully curate content that’s tailored to their interests. We secured access to a TikTok beta opportunity called Story Selector, a first in Canada for a luxury auto brand. Through a choose your own adventure experience, we empowered our audience to personalize their journey with the XM, deviating from the expected TikTok experience. This dynamic approach resonated with the audience's desire for unique and bespoke content.

Taking our partnership with TikTok a step further, we identified a new opportunity to connect with our ultra-luxury audience in the most premium environments. Having just launched TikTok Pulse at the time, we now had the power to align BMW adjacent to TikTok’s most premium content. Not only this, but through content category controls, we would be able to create contextual relevancy by aligning BMW next to specific content types. Understanding our audience’s desire to carefully curate their content consumption, using TikTok Pulse would enable us to show up next to the content that was captivating our audience. We hand-selected the top luxury categories, aligning with our audience’s key interests to intrinsically connect them to the XM.



Much like the XM, the results were game-changing. A significant lift of 57% was seen in both awareness & uniqueness scores, proving that our audience was not only aware of the BMW XM, but were attributing uniqueness to the vehicle through our bespoke approach to media.

In addition to awareness, the campaign saw a 10x increase in Attention Index scores, showing that this approach was turning the heads of our highly discerning audience. This resulted in the XM being the most configured vehicle during the campaign timeframe, proving the ultra-luxury audience was engaged with the XM as a result of our campaign.

If that weren’t enough, BMW also saw over 6x increase in daily configuration volume overall during the campaign timeframe. Paired with a 20% surge in search demand for core BMW keywords, this shows that the XM was successful in creating a halo around BMW as a whole.

Through our one-of-a-kind media approach, we were able to capture the attention of the highly coveted ultra-luxury audience and connect with them on a deeper level, successfully changing the game with BMW XM.


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Media Experts, BMW Canada


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