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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Barbie's Bust-A-Brain Breast Cancer Awareness Trivia Game

Finalist in Social Good Campaign


The objective of Suzette Simon's "Barbie's Bust-A-Brain Breast Cancer Awareness Trivia Game" (Barbie's B-A-B CATG) is to revolutionize breast health awareness among women of color under 40 and confront the disparities they face in battling breast cancer. Stemming from Suzette's personal journey of losing her mother to breast cancer and her own subsequent fight with the disease, the project harnesses humor, storytelling, and activism to dismantle the taboo surrounding breast cancer in Black communities.

Suzette endeavors to address the alarming statistics showing a 40% mortality rate among WOC, compared to 17% at the time of her mom's death, by utilizing unconventional methods like humor to spark crucial conversations. She creatively employs popular culture to educate about breast distress signs and shed light on the unique challenges Black women face in their breast cancer journeys.

Through strategic endeavors like this, Suzette aspires to leverage popular culture to reshape the way we approach breast cancer awareness and disparities, making it a significant and impactful addition to the realm of public service broadcasting. Awards such as The Shortys are pursued not only to validate the significance of the mission but also to amplify its message in the face of challenges with social media algorithms.

Additionally, Barbie's creator herself grappled w/breast cancer. This connection adds layers of depth and poignancy to Suzette choosing to portray herself as #BlackBreastCancerBarbie.  Also, the presence of surgical bandages, serves to disarm the stigma and fear surrounding breast cancer, making it more approachable for a broad audience.

Strategy and Execution

One of the key strategies Suzette employed was her self-funded approach and her collaboration with an editor. As a self-funded artist, Suzette relied on her own resources to bring this #StrongBlackBoobs - a platform advocating for breast cancer awareness through humor for women of color - project to life. Despite limited funds, she was determined to maximize the impact of her work. Suzette put out an ad looking for an editor willing to work within her budget of $250. Thankfully, an overwhelming number of accredited editors applied, eager to contribute to the project's mission.

This collaboration with an editor proved instrumental in refining the project's creative content and ensuring its effectiveness in engaging and educating the audience. Together, Suzette and her editor worked tirelessly to produce high-quality materials that effectively conveyed the message of breast health awareness and advocacy in Black communities.

By leveraging her own resources and seeking out affordable yet talented collaborators, Suzette demonstrated her resourcefulness and commitment to making a difference despite financial constraints. This grassroots approach not only allowed her to stay true to her vision but also empowered her to create meaningful change within her community.   She often quips that "she didn't go through a bilateral mastectomy to have lazy boobs." #NoLazyBoobs   "We don't like to talk about cancer, but we like boobs."

It's incredibly important to get this message out, especially considering the statistics that are not in favor of Black women, despite the costs or financial restraints. Suzette believes that just like the classic movie "It's a Wonderful Life," every time a woman of color shares her breast cancer journey, it feels like a gift that keeps on giving. With your support, someone out there may get a chance at a pair of healthy boobs and a brighter future! Recognition from awards such as the Shortys will make a difference, and she is truly grateful and honored to submit for consideration.


As the founder of, a comedy nonprofit dedicated to using humor as a force for good and as a self-described "breast cancer disruptor," Suzette proudly wears the badge of a #BlackBreastFriend. And let me tell you, she couldn't be happier with the success of her latest project for #StrongBlackBoobs - her online breast cancer awareness initiative targeting women of color. "Barbie's Bust-a-Brain Breast Cancer Awareness Trivia Contest" has truly exceeded every expectation.

This initiative isn't just about fun and games—it's sparked meaningful conversations about breast health in communities of color and has taken significant steps towards addressing the disparities in breast cancer care. Recently winning the Bronze Anthem Award for Health - Stunt and Guerrilla Marketing was encouraging, validating this approach and the impact it's making.

Moreover, the attention garnered from respected outlets like ABC's "Good Morning America" has been incredibly rewarding. This attention is particularly valuable given the challenges that have been encountered with social media algorithms tagging the content as "adult" and shadowbanning posts. The media coverage has provided alternatives for disseminating the message and reaching a wider audience, thus overcoming the limitations imposed by social media platforms.

This success isn't just about accolades—it's about proving that humor can be a powerful tool for social change. It's a testament to the commitment to making a positive difference in my community and beyond. Moving forward, she's excited to build on this momentum and continue advocating for positive change for black boobs, one laugh at a time.


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