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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Vertical Video


Take a deep dive through the heart of Southern Sorority life with BAMA RUSH, a documentary lovingly crafted to transcend the superficial glamour of sorority rush at the University of Alabama in the age of TikTok and social media. The foremost objective of the documentary was to unravel the complexities of this revered tradition, shedding light on themes of race, class, and womanhood, ultimately reflecting the essence of America itself. BAMA RUSH doesn't merely scratch the surface of these topics; it boldly delves into the secret societies, parties, and drama, positioning the Greek system as a poignant lens through which we explore the very fabric of society.

Director Rachel Fleit’s mission was not just to capture the spectacle of sorority recruitment but to initiate a conversation that goes beyond stereotypes. Featuring diverse perspectives from Potential New Members, sorority members, recruitment coaches, and those disillusioned by the system, this enlightening documentary goes beyond viral sensations, probing the depths of Greek life.

At its core, BAMA RUSH aims to tell a universal tale of belonging, artfully woven into the experiences of four girls navigating the sorority system. It's not a salacious take-down but a poignant exploration of their quest for friendship, self-acceptance, and a sense of belonging within a system fraught with darkness and flaws.

Strategy and Execution

BAMA RUSH didn't just unfold on the TV screen; it exploded into a multi-dimensional experience that captivated audiences across platforms. Our strategic approach began with a TikTok-first campaign, recognizing the film's viral potential. We harnessed the power of the 9x16 video format, crafting individually themed pieces that not only fueled social buzz but also demonstrated a self-awareness that resonated with the audience. Embracing the Internet's harshest comments through a punchy social piece that boldly declared, "F*CK YOUR DOC," creating a buzz within Greek circles before the documentary even premiered.

Navigating the challenges of catering to diverse audience segments, we meticulously tailored content to resonate with core fans of the viral TikTok trend, along with HBO Max documentaries aficionados, and enthusiasts of like-minded pop culture. This approach not only expanded our reach, increasing interest in the doc by 18% after the trailer release, but also solidified BAMA RUSH as a cultural phenomenon transcending traditional documentary expectations.

Throughout the journey, we faced the challenge of balancing the documentary's serious themes with the lighthearted tone of social media. However, our ability to navigate this delicate balance contributed to BAMA RUSH’s uniqueness, making it a standout contender in the documentary landscape on social media.


The results not only met but far exceeded our expectations, solidifying BAMA RUSH as a resounding success. The trailer release, strategically designed for maximum impact, achieved an outstanding 3.7 million organic views within the first 48 hours. This overwhelming response signaled a strong resonance with our target audience and demonstrated the film's ability to capture attention and generate anticipation.

Furthermore, BAMA RUSH emerged as the #1 Max Original Documentary Launch at its premiere. This remarkable achievement showcased the documentary's widespread appeal and effectiveness in drawing viewers to the Max platform.

The combination of a viral trailer release and the documentary's premiere success attests to the strategic alignment of our efforts with the project's objectives. The numbers speak volumes about the impact of our TikTok-first approach, and the cohesive creative suite across various media. BAMA RUSH's exceptional performance in both organic social engagement and platform viewership positions it as a triumph in the competitive landscape of documentary releases, affirming the effectiveness of this incredible story.


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