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Babylist Beverly Hills Showroom & Shop

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Babylist, the leading digital destination for growing families, knows that becoming a parent is incredibly exciting and overwhelming. Babylist reimagined and redefined the baby registry and shopping experience by creating two IRL pop-ups and multiple metaverse experiences. In August, the team opened Babylist Beverly Hills, a permanent 18k sq ft experiential showroom to guide customers through finding everything they need to prepare for their new addition.

The goal of Babylist Beverly Hills was to bring joy back to something joyful: picking out the right stuff for your growing family. The Babylist showroom is unlike any other baby store — equal parts celebratory and educational, playful and expert-driven, interactive and aspirational.

When someone builds a registry, they choose every product for the baby's first 6-12 months, almost all of which are entirely new brands and categories to them. Babylist customers report spending an average of 40 hours researching their registry and landing on 100 products. Babylist Beverly Hills offers curated, expert-chosen items across categories so parents can understand what they need without being inundated with endless choices.

Since its inception, Babylist has reinvented the baby category, expanding from a registry into a full-service platform that helps parents confidently make decisions, stay connected, and build happy and healthy families. By consistently evolving to meet the changing needs of families, Babylist has established itself as a leader in the $88 billion baby market and a go-to resource for over 9 million people. 


Babylist is the next generation of retail, taking a blended approach to meet customers where, when, and how they want to discover products. Boxes on shelves don’t resonate anymore, and Babylist understands the importance of giving customers the opportunity to see products in the context they will be used and guiding them through the experience. Babylist first brought this retail model to life through pop-up events in LA and NY, where the company outfitted two homes with a range of shoppable products so parents could discover what works best for them. Guests could scan QR codes to see reviews, social posts, and more – seamlessly blending physical and digital retail. 

Babylist then transformed these IRL pop-ups into three metaverse experiences that offer everyone involved in the growing family’s journey the ability to discover, explore, and engage with products in a realistic 3D virtual home. The experiences yielded a combined 1,000 viewing hours, 100,000 page views, and 5,000 items added to registries. 

Stemming from the success of these experiences, Babylist opened its first 18,000 sq. ft. permanent Flagship Showroom, Babylist Beverly Hills, in August. Babylist Beverly Hills is unlike any other in-store baby brand experience, guiding guests through a room-by-room journey to learn about products in real-life settings interspersed with interactive and memorable moments. The 8 room-by-room home settings mean expecting parents can try out any product in a real-life way and easily access Babylist’s wealth of digital content, such as product guides and customer reviews, to help inform their decision making process.

Additional unique features include: 

Babylist Beverly Hills also provides space to bring brands to life. Thirty-six brands, including The Honest Company, Kylie Baby, Savage x Fenty, Gap and Wayfair have partnered with Babylist to produce custom in-store activations for customers to discover new products in the Showroom. 

The primary goal of a visit to the Showroom isn’t to fill a cart but rather to discover products and build online registries in a way that alleviates stress. It is a celebratory destination for expecting parents and those who support them to fully enjoy the experience of welcoming a new baby into their lives. 

Babylist has also expanded the Showroom experience into the metaverse to accommodate those outside of the Beverly Hills area and assist them in making informed decisions when building their registry.


Babylist is driven by connection and empathy to deliver the best customer experience while families prepare for a baby’s arrival. Since Babylist Beverly Hills opened, thousands of visitors a week are flooding in from all over the U.S. to discover new brands and make informed product decisions, with 32% of visitors coming from outside of LA county and 10% out of state including Texas, Florida, and New York. 

In addition to the throng of people stopping by the showroom in person, customers are tapping into the store experience through user-generated content on social media, as Babylist has seen a 561% increase in UGC YoY. Additionally, organic views on their social media, which is led by IG Babylist Beverly Hills content, are up 67% since the start of the year. 

Babylist Beverly Hills is fulfilling its purpose, as 58% of visitors are interacting with products and brands for the first time, and 94% confirm that seeing the products in real life helped them make product decisions. A recent Babylist Beverly Hills customer shared, "There were many products that I was initially registered for and ended up registering for something else in the store because I liked it better after being able to interact with it. We drove 3 hours to see the showroom - it was definitely worth it.”

The fully interactive experience is packed with imaginative surprises and thoughtful touches created by a team who understands this unique life stage, which has resulted in Babylist Beverly Hills receiving an unsurprising NPS of 89. 


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