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Influencer, @aprettycoolhoteltour at Moxy Tromso

Entered in Instagram Partnership


A hotel brand that is serious about play, Moxy Hotels set out to captivate the attention on social media of its target guest, the Fun Hunter, a traveler that shares a playful spirit that makes them young at heart, whether they’re 26 or 76.

Moxy Tromsø is a brand new hotel. With that, the idea driving the work of a travel influencer staying at Moxy Tromsø was to create captivating content that showcases the unique experiences and key offerings of staying at a Moxy, in this case Moxy Tromsø, while also highlighting the attractions and culture of Tromsø, Norway. Moxy Tromsø, known for its vibrant and playful atmosphere and one of the best towns to see the Northern Lights, seeks to attract a younger demographic and those with an adventurous spirit. 

To generate mass awareness and to drive engagements of this brand new hotel in Moxy's portfolio, Moxy partnered with @aprettycoolhoteltour, a married couple that shows their audiences the coolest hotels and spaces all over the world. @prettycoolhoteltour has 590k followers on Instagram.





The specific strategy and execution for the influencer's stay at Moxy Tromsø included:

  1. Strong Talent Partner: Moxy set out to partner with @aprettycoolhoteltour, a married couple, that showcases the best hotels and spaces around the world. @aprettycoolhoteltour was selected because 
    1. Audience: @aprettycoolhoteltour has an Instagram account with 590,000 followers and appeals to a largely Gen Z and Millennial demographic, the target audience. 
    2. Credibility: @aprettycoolhoteltour has built trust in their audiences by only showcasing cool hotels and spaces around the world on their social channels. 
    3. Playfulness: since Moxy Hotels is all about play, @aprettycoolhoteltour directly speaks to this with their aesthetic, wardrobe, adventurous minds, and personality. 
  2. Content Creation: Produce high-quality, engaging content such as photos and videos that capture the essence of Moxy Tromsø's playful design, amenities, and atmosphere.  
  3. Storytelling: Share stories and experiences that highlight what makes Moxy Tromsø and the surrounding area special, including activities like northern lights, museums, and exploring the Arctic landscape.
  4. Engagement: Ensure active community management of likes, comments, reshares, and more to increase engagements with users.
  5. Instagram Collaborations: Instagram collaborations with Moxy Hotels and @prettycoolhoteltour were prioritized to cross-promote each other's content and extend the reach of the campaign.
  6. Paid Amplifcation Budget: Target the right audience with this content to drive awareness and engagements.
  7. Challenges: Tromsø is known for the Northern Lights, and this campaign was highly focused on showing this attraction. The winter season in the Arctic lasts from late September to late March, so it was crucial for @prettycoolhoteltour to travel during the winter season, all with hopes to see the Northern Lights. We had to cancel a few trips and reschedule to ensure the Northern Lights were alive. 

By aligning with Moxy Hotels goals and with those goals of @prettycoolhoteltour and leveraging their creativity and reach, the campaign aimed to showcase the hotel as an exciting and desirable destination for travelers seeking a unique and playful Arctic experience.


The results are attributed to reach and own, earned and paid metrics totaling 3,585,000 million impressions and 1,100,000 million engagements.

This project was consider extremely successful due to the fact that engagement rate is 30%, which is well above industry benchmark of 3-5%. Plus, the comments are a testament to our efforts of driving awareness of this new hotel opening and driving engagements, examples as follows:

"My gosh, your posts are the PERFECT antidote to the tumultuous news about Moxy Tromso."

"Love Moxy Hotels ❤️"

"OMG The MOXY? In Norway? Sometimes I feel like you're on a secret quest simply to find the most perfect vacation for ME."

"okay fine, booking a trip here ASAP"


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Moxy Hotels on behalf of Marriott International


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