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Alexander Wang New York Bra Campaign

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Our project for Alexander Wang was driven by the desire to create a visually stunning and memorable experience that resonated across social media, particularly Instagram. We set out to encapsulate the bold and innovative spirit of Alexander Wang through a captivating visual narrative that would generate significant buzz. The aim was to redefine how fashion is advertised by breaking away from traditional norms and setting a new creative standard. The gigantic bra installation on the Brooklyn Bridge was a metaphor for breaking free from constraints, aligning with Alexander Wang’s philosophy of liberation and creativity. Our objectives were to reinforce the brand’s trendsetting identity, engage and expand the audience reach, and create a viral phenomenon that would spark conversations worldwide. This initiative was not just about creating an advertisement but a symbol of freedom and innovation that would leave a lasting impression on a global audience.


For Alexander Wang's campaign, we embarked on an adventure that was all about erasing the boundaries between what's real and what's imagined. Our mission? To create a video so lifelike, so brilliantly executed, that it would have everyone scratching their heads, wondering, "Is this for real?" And the centerpiece of this illusion? A gigantic bra, seemingly hanging on the Brooklyn Bridge, crafted entirely through the magic of CGI and VFX. The planning phase was not just about getting the technical details right; it was about crafting an illusion so believable, it would captivate and puzzle viewers at the same time. We dived deep into the realm of 3D modeling and animation, meticulously designing every detail of the bra to ensure it looked as real as possible. The texture, the way it moved with the wind, how the light played off its surface – everything was calculated to create a hyper-realistic effect. Bringing this vision to life was a symphony of skill and creativity. Our team, a blend of artists, animators, and tech wizards, worked tirelessly to perfect this illusion. We were like digital magicians, creating a bra that not only looked like it was part of the bridge but also felt like it belonged there. But the real challenge? Getting people to question their own eyes. We wanted viewers to be caught in that intriguing space where they couldn't tell if what they were seeing was real or not. To do this, we launched a clever social media strategy. We teased the audience with snippets of the video, dropped hints, and let the anticipation build. It was all about creating a buzz, a sense of mystery around the video. The narrative was key here. This wasn't just about showing off a cool CGI trick; it was about telling a story that resonated. A story that echoed Alexander Wang's innovative spirit and made the audience part of this playful blurring of reality. And the result? Our video sparked conversations far and wide. People were fascinated, sharing and debating over whether it was real. The buzz was incredible – it went viral, popping up all over social media, and even making it into news discussions. We didn't just create a video; we created a moment, a point of connection where people came together to wonder and imagine. This campaign was more than a success; it was a testament to the power of digital artistry in creating immersive experiences. We showed that with the right blend of technology and creativity, you can make people pause, reflect, and get lost in the wonder of what might be possible.


- 52 700 000 views in Alexander Wang NY brand Instagram account with 1 100 000 likes 

- 82 680 000 impressions adjusted via reposts in Instagram & TikTok 

- Article on USA News

- absolute hit video in soocials. 


Video for Alexander Wang New York Bra Campaign

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Vertex CGI


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