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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Al Jazeera Arabic TikTok

Entered in TikTok Presence


In July 2023, Al Jazeera Media Network's Digital Newsroom (DNR) recognized TikTok as a leading platform with immense potential. Understanding its reach and influence, we embarked on creating an account for Al Jazeera channel on this platform to provide a unified space for young audiences to access news content.

Our aim was to deliver news in a format that resonated with the younger demographic, ensuring a seamless and direct narrative that aligns with their preferences. By integrating the digital newsroom with TikTok, we sought to attract and engage this audience while keeping them informed about global events in a straightforward manner.

To achieve success, we conducted thorough research on the platform, familiarizing ourselves with its tools, trends, and audience engagement strategies. This enabled us to develop a unique template tailored to TikTok's format, delivering spontaneous, concise, and informative news updates with an entertaining flair. Our content embodies the spirit of TikTok, infused with a youthful vibe that appeals to the platform's user base, ultimately fulfilling our goal of connecting with and informing the younger generation about global affairs.


Strategy and Execution

Our team at Al Jazeera's Digital Newsroom has redefined the concept of news storytelling by breaking away from traditional templates and embracing innovation. Instead of relying on conventional formats, we sought to connect with a younger audience by experimenting with various news templates, ultimately landing on a format tailored for the TikTok platform.

This unique approach showcases world news in a dynamic and youthful manner, with anchors presenting outside the confines of a formal setting. Our sequential presentation style allows us to engage with the audience spontaneously, bridging the gap between journalists and viewers, particularly the youth.

Focusing on trending and impactful news, spanning political, humanitarian, and economic events, our efforts have been met with resounding success, accumulating millions of views. By presenting news in an informative yet entertaining manner, we've captured the attention of a broad audience, reaffirming the effectiveness of our innovative approach.

Each publication in this format continues to amass millions of views, solidifying its place as an integral component of our news strategy. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and engaging with audiences on platforms like TikTok underscores our dedication to delivering news in a manner that resonates with the modern audience.

Anchors or journalists are asked direct and concise questions about the most significant or trending events in the news. Their responses are delivered spontaneously and directly, without the need for scripted or formal presentations. This approach ensures clarity and immediacy, with responses typically lasting between 1 to 3 minutes.




In less than 12 months, our team of 4 members has achieved remarkable success on TikTok, garnering millions of views and followers. With no monetary investment, we've amassed an impressive 3.3 million followers and 26.8 million likes, all organically. Our content strategy has been prolific, with 1928 pieces published, 197 of which received over a million views.

These achievements translate into substantial engagement, with a total of 26.9 million interactions, 806.7 million views, and 758.2 million reaches in 2023 alone. This remarkable growth underscores the immense potential for delivering news content on the TikTok platform, particularly to a youthful audience.

By leveraging the platform's dynamics and adapting our storytelling approach, we've successfully conveyed world news to a significant segment of the youth. Our achievements serve as a testament to the viability of news dissemination on TikTok, proving that impactful storytelling can thrive in the digital age.



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Al Jazeera Digital


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