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Aerie “Give REAL, Get Aerie” Ovative Group Media Strategy

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Over the past 10 years, Aerie has been the industry leader in showcasing real, unretouched bodies. For holiday 2023, Aerie sought to build brand equity and acquire new customers through a message of empowerment and comfort. But as marketers know, the message is nothing without the medium. Aerie partnered with Ovative experts to break through the holiday advertising clutter and reach audiences in their natural environments. 

Ovative built the “Give REAL, Get Aerie” media strategy to support Aerie’s overall customer marketing strategy for the season to: 

  1. Bring Aerie’s cozy vibes to everyday life by creating the “coziest spaces in the busiest places” via an OOH activation. 

  1. Ease the pain of holiday shopping by making gift giving easy, targeting gift givers with high-impact media showcasing Aerie’s must-have gifts. 

  1. Break through mindless scrolling and capture attention by owning exclusive media space with premium, custom content on and integrations into GenZennial’s most-loved apps. 

The “Give REAL, Get Aerie” campaign goals were to: 

  1. Acquire new, high-value customers with a focus on gift givers. 

  1. Engage audiences early and often throughout the holiday season and encourage repeat purchases. 

  1. Build brand equity with GenZennials aligned with confidence, comfort, and inclusivity. 


Ovative orchestrated a two-pronged approach for Aerie’s “Give REAL, Get Aerie” campaign from September 28, 2023 to December 26, 2023 to effectively capture attention and engage audiences. 

Prong 1: “Give REAL” 

“Give REAL” created “coziest spaces in the busiest places” to provide consumers with real comfort where their holiday stress peaked. Ovative disseminated this message via Nativo native ads, TikTok Max Pulse ads, ad-free Spotify listening sessions gifted to consumers, and more. This message was also activated via experiential OOH activations, including a cozy airport pop-up. 

Prong 2: “Get Aerie” 

"Get Aerie” made holiday shopping less stressful and made Aerie synonymous with holiday gifting. To achieve this, Ovative facilitated Aerie becoming the first mono-brand fashion retailer to execute a Meta Moment Maker strategy to maximize product exposure. This message was also activated across Kargo via store-locator units, Nativo sponsored content, and more. 

By leveraging premium placements across multiple strategic partners, Ovative enabled Aerie to break through holiday clutter with a seamless user experience. The “Give REAL, Get Aerie” campaign was uniquely born to speak to GenZennials, or Aerie’s Gen Z and Millennial target audience, utilizing engaging creative built for their most-loved platforms. The creative showcased Aerie’s brand values and made it easy for consumers to easily share what they want with loved ones with the message “Hint Hint, I Want Aerie!” 

In developing and executing the media strategy, two key challenges had to be overcome: 


Goal 1: Acquire new, high-value customers. Goal 2: Engage audiences and encourage repeat purchases. 

Exceeded campaign goals: 

Exceeded channel goals: 


Goal 3: Build brand equity with GenZennials. 


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Ovative Group, Aerie


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