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“Power of Humanity” Brand Campaign

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As the world of work quickly evolves with the rise of AI, Fiverr’s latest U.S. brand campaign recognizes and celebrates the essential role humans (still) play. The “Power of Humanity” brand campaign includes a 60-second hero ad and OOH elements both developed by Fiverr’s in-house creative team. With the goal of taking a more optimistic approach to AI and highlighting its potential, Fiverr developed the creative to showcase that AI is not something to fear, but instead embraced and used to elevate work to the next level. Recent research conducted by IPSOS for Fiverr supports this perspective, revealing that 90% of surveyed U.S. businesses either use or plan to use freelancers alongside Generative AI projects, highlighting an underlying optimism about integrating human talent with AI advancements.

The hero ad takes viewers into a distant future, where two “AI beings” (robots) converse about the amazing characteristics of humanity. With colorful footage, exciting sound design, and a montage of swift edits, the ad takes us on a journey through beautiful, chaotic, and emotional moments showcasing human life and ingenuity. The OOH ads throughout New York City feature the tagline, “AI took my job… to the next level,” featuring images of real Fiverr freelancers offering AI services, taken by local Fiverr freelance photographers. The OOH creative addresses people’s concerns about AI head on, while reassuring them, through real life examples, not to be fearful, because when humans are at the helm, AI can lead to incredible results in one’s career and work.


To champion the incredible creative talents of its employees, Fiverr established an in-house creative team in 2022, and has since relied on this team to bring many of its largest campaigns to life. As a global platform for freelance talent, Fiverr also uses creative campaigns as an opportunity to leverage and elevate the freelancers in its community, combining their unique skills with Fiverr’s in-house talent to make amazing work. This was especially important for this campaign. Focused on underscoring the criticality and ingenuity of human talent amid the rise of AI, Fiverr leveraged its in-house team and platform freelancers to create a unique and hypervisual campaign with a powerful message: while AI is a powerful tool, human talent still plays a crucial role in making truly creative work. AI should not be seen as a threat, but as a valuable resource to elevate and inspire human talent. 

For this campaign, Fiverr drew from its rich pool of creative talent, from creative and art direction, visual design, motion design, and copywriters. The creative team was responsible for the concept and creative for both the video ad and OOH campaign. Further, Fiverr recruited freelance photographers on Fiverr for the images featured in the OOH — photographs that captured AI freelancers on the Fiverr platform. The result was a campaign that reflects the incredible work of human talent and celebrates their skills, which companies like Fiverr will continue to leverage alongside emerging technology like AI.


The campaign drew positive responses from across the board. In fact, the success of our campaign can be measured through various metrics across socials, media, and across the Fiverr platform itself. The hero ad on YouTube garnered over 1.7 million views, demonstrating significant engagement with our target audiences – whether they be Fiverr freelancers or clients. The OOH hero campaign garnered significant traction across all social media platforms, resulting in nearly 150 social posts across a combined following of over 3.6 million users. The surge in searches for Fiverr AI services throughout the year underscores the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, with searches for complex technical services like "AI content editing," "AI video editing," and "Prompt Engineering" experiencing exponential spikes to the tune of 10,490%, 3,000% and 7,000%, respectively. 


Video for “Power of Humanity” Brand Campaign

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Fiverr International, Ltd.


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