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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

5GRV: Viva Las Vegas

Finalist in Multicultural Community Engagement

Bronze Honor in Campaign by Diverse-Owned Businesses


The work is driven by the aim to build upon the previous success of the 5GRV campaign and generate anticipation for both the 5GRV intellectual property (IP) and forthcoming content. Our specific goals revolve around three main objectives:

To achieve these goals, our team, comprised of a dynamic ensemble including socially acclaimed Black female gamers and a talented comedic personality, embarked on a journey to the 2023 Esports Awards in Las Vegas. Over four days, we engaged in live streaming directly from the heart of Vegas, showcasing the essence of sisterhood, gaming culture, Black excellence, authenticity, spontaneity, and interactivity. Throughout our streams, we ensured that all businesses, partners, and charities we collaborated with for the show were diverse-owned, aiming to spread prosperity. Our live streams, lasting up to 6 hours each day, featured a blend of on-screen gaming exploits and real-life activities, resulting in a whirlwind of excitement and innovation. Through this approach, we aimed to not only captivate our audience but also establish lasting connections with both viewers and potential partners, thereby furthering the reach and impact of the 5GRV brand.


Strategy and Execution

To bring "5GRV Viva Las Vegas" to life, we capitalized on the charm of the original cast: @glozell, @leesh.capeesh, @barefoottasha_, and @definedbyky, as they journeyed to the 2023 Esports Award to present the Streamer of the Year award. Before the ceremony, they engaged in activities echoing sisterhood, gaming culture, and Black excellence.

The strategy hinged on harnessing the cast's spontaneity and authenticity to produce live content that showcased the power of multicultural storytelling to fresh audiences. This entailed incorporating live-streamed gaming segments designed to challenge the prevailing notions of the modern-day gamer. Additionally, all businesses, partners, and vendors were meticulously selected based on their minority-owned status, underlining our commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Some of the live streams included:

Despite logistical and sponsorship challenges, the strategy was successful in its effort to create original and engaging content to impact the gaming community and showcase the diverse female talent present within the gaming industry.



The 5GRV Viva Las Legas of 2023 surpassed our expectations, effectively meeting our team's objectives and validating our efforts as a resounding success. Through compelling streaming videos and social media engagement, we empowered aspiring female gamers, amplified the voices of women of color in the industry, fostered vibrant communities, and showcased that dedication and authenticity pave the path to success even in traditionally male-dominated spaces.

By the numbers: 

These results affirm that our campaign achieved its objectives, leaving a lasting impression on our audience while promoting diversity and empowerment within the gaming industry.



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Alpha Precision Media, Alpha Precision Media


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