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Special Project
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Women in Influencer Marketing Community

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Women in Influencer Marketing (better known as WIIM) has made a huge impact on the influencer marketing industry since its inception in 2017. During the last two years in particular the membership organization has made a huge impact post COVID. Many of our members experienced layoffs and others were forced to navigate uncharted waters. Our resources were imperative for them. We also offer scholarships which has been hugely impactful to those who have won them.

The objective of WIIM is to connect, empower and educate the influencer marketing industry.

The podcast has been an extension of the community for about 5 years. We've created a carefully curated library of conversations with leaders (and upcoming leaders!) of the industry. Our goal with the podcast is to provide thought-provoking conversations that push our industry to color outside the lines and to promote the work of the hundreds of women who are producing incredible work but who are normally behind the scenes. 

When our members think of WIIM they think of the community most of all. We've created a hive-mind and safe space for women who work in-house at brands, talent managers, advertising agencies or on the PR or tech side of the industry. We will continue to make a huge impact in our members' lives and do everything we can to keep the industry thriving.

Strategy and Execution

WIIM has been pivotal in getting countless women jobs through its unique networking opportunities, in-person events and career services. WIIM has connected women from all over the world with the purpose of creating a welcoming space to share business opportunities while helping to develop life-long relationships.

We have women in all stages of their career from interns through CEOs - all working together to help each other and strengthen the industry.

Dozens of companies have opted into WIIM's corporate memberships which they provide to their employees as a benefit. These corporate members treat our memberships the same way they treat PTO or health insurance. The feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. It's a company perk that includes things such as a mentorship program, continuous education with an extensive library of masterclasses, dedicated online community gatherings and much more.

The podcast is a weekly show on all podcast platforms plus YouTube. Jessy Grossman, the founder of WIIM, is also part of the LinkedIn Creator program and always promoting the episodes to her 10K+ followers on there. 


We have cultivated a very engaged, one-of-a-kind, professional community that consists of hundreds of influencer marketers from all over the U.S. (and growing internationally!)

We've gotten countless people hired, strengthened competency through our educational resources, honored our members' successes and learnings, and supported companies in their hiring. We've also matched dozens of members through our mentorship program. 

With all of this success, we're always striving for more. The more people we can reach the better!


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Women in Influencer Marketing


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