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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Wolf Pack Interactive Credits

Entered in Creative Use of Technology


To encourage fans to stream Wolf Pack on Paramount+, we created an interactive experience that opens up the world of Wolf Pack to users every time they view the opening credits of the series.

Strategy and Execution

We worked with the vendor Saucealitos to create an interactive experience for fans of Paramount+'s new series Wolf Pack. Users can open Instagram and locate the effect through Wolf Pack's account, then they hold their phones to their television or laptop screen. The AR Effect shows them the image in the opening credits of the series that they need to locate. When that specific moment in the credits occurs, fans let their camera scan the image and watch as the magic unfolds in their own homes. The opening scene of the series where a massive fire takes over a highway with animals on the loose appears out of the television or laptop screen, bringing the show to life at home. Fans can take photos of the experience or record it and share it on social. Through promotion across Twitter, Instagram Stories and Facebook, we drove users to the AR Effect on Wolf Pack's Instagram handle. We included video material of the experience along with detailed instructions so fans knew exactly how to use the effect.

Our biggest hurdle was having the proper materials to create the highway and animals within the AR Effect. The vendor had to create each animation from scratch while adhering to Wolf Pack's dark, grungy style and while staying within Instagram's pixel count. We went through several rounds of testing and adjusting until the effect was ready to go live on Wolf Pack's launch day.

The AR Effect works on the opening credits of every single episode of Wolf Pack, so fans are able to view the highway scene in their rooms each week or whenever they want to stream the series and share with friends.


Our Wolf Pack Interactive Credits AR Effect for Instagram is a success in that we found a new, innovative way for fans to bring a brand new series directly into their homes. This is a first of its kind activation for a new series on Paramount+ and allows a new audience to fully engross themselves into the storyline and the world that the series creates. Social promotion of the AR Effect has over 52K views on our instructional video, and the Effect itself has been opened in the Instagram Camera over 1.1K times.


Video for Wolf Pack Interactive Credits

Entrant Company / Organization Name

MTV Entertainment Studios, Paramount Media Networks and Paramount+


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