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We are kglobal. A DC-based agency, we combine consulting, creative and communications under one roof to solve our clients’ greatest challenges and bring complexity into focus. In 2022, we partnered with Everywoman Studios, Change Content, Picture Motion, and Proctor & Gamble to create and launch #WhenWeValueWomen, a storytelling social media campaign to expand the impact of LFG, a no-holds-barred, inside account of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s ongoing fight for equal pay.

Using the LFG film, and its narrative about the US Women’s National Soccer Team’s fight for equal pay as an example, we built the #WhenWeValueWomen social campaign, fueled by the desire for accountability and real change.

Our goals: 

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Our social presence served as the heart of the #WhenWeValueWomen campaign, complemented by our efforts to meet audiences in different digital platforms and provide content that added value to their experience— from a curated Spotify playlist to a specially designed soccer ball for sweepstakes winners, and more.

Using Instagram as our focus, we built an entire brand extension from the film, complete with its own visual identity and companion website.

Our primary tactics included: 

  1. Building a compelling digital presence to educate audiences around campaign pillars and encourage them to take action for gender equity.

  2. Enhancing the campaign with influencers, partnerships, marquee screenings, and other virtual activities. 

Brand Ambassador  

Former US Women’s National Soccer Team member, Jessica McDonald, served as campaign ambassador, issuing calls to action, participating in events, lending her likeness to the campaign, and sharing our posts to her social feeds. We worked with Jessica in a multi-platform approach to create a campaign video, encourage engagement via giveaways, and curate a playlist for Spotify consisting of six podcasts that talk about important issues to women and female athletes such as balancing motherhood, equity within college sports and the power of grit. 

In addition to Jessica McDonald, we engaged with several influencers and organizations who had their own powerful stories to share, including Brook Baldwin, Grassroots Soccer, Parity Now and Meghan Duggan.  

Our campaign also included successful partnerships and engagements with organizations such as: The Gist, kiva, Tribeca Film Festival, Spotify, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Proctor and Gamble and more. 


To expand on the social campaign and provide users with additional resources, we developed an Impact Campaign website. The campaign website we developed included information about the film, a “Make an Impact” page featuring select campaign partners, opportunities to join the movement or host a screening event, and upcoming events and screenings. 


Throughout the campaign, we gave people meaningful ways to get involved, including user generated content, pledges and other campaigns that gave them a platform to tell their own stories. 

For example, starting on National Girls & Women in Sports Day we began an influencer campaign and follower sweepstakes led by ambassador Jessica McDonald to encourage follower engagement by completing a sentence about equal play and equal pay in their own words. Instagram users were encouraged to post a comment finishing the sentence “Playing sports helped me become _____.” and tag three friends.

In March 2022, Women’s History Month, we kicked off an action-oriented campaign during the week of International Women’s Day. The ask was simple: will you sign the #WhenWeValueWomen Pledge? This pledge was designed to engage all genders to join the LFG movement and to take action. It also showcased LFG’s partners. 

After the historic settlement agreement and promise that the USWNT will receive equal pay in future contract negotiations, we created a special series of Instagram posts designed to “interrupt the feed,” followed by an announcement of the victory and a reminder that this is just the beginning. 



Throughout this campaign, we brought together champions of gender equity, athletes, advocates and students who shared their stories, shed light on the historic and ongoing inequities that exist within and beyond sport and took action to imagine a world #WhenWeValueWomen. 

We exceeded our target KPIs, with:

After years of tireless advocacy, storytelling and grit, on February 22, 2022, the USWNT and USSF announced a $24 million settlement agreement and a promise of equal rate of pay in all future contracts. 

Along the way, countless women and girls were inspired to stand up for their stories and add their voice where it matters most. 


Video for #WhenWeValueWomen

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kglobal, Everywoman Studios; Change Content; Picture Motion


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