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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Firebelly Marketing's Vision in Vertical Video

Entered in Vertical Video


From TikTok dances to video memes, video content is king. It's also not so easy to produce and can be tricky to create a strategy around. Tricky -- but not impossible. Firebelly Marketing set out on a video-first journey to see, once and for all, how implementing a "video a day" strategy would impact our social presence.


Our objective was to evaluate if this would lift our engagements, impressions, video views, and website visits. Let's just say, we weren't disappointed!

Strategy and Execution

The strategy for our vertical video content plan was to not only put out a video every day for 90 days but to put out relevant content for our brand, our team, and our business in the social media marketing space. Our content was posted across platforms, with a focus on Instagram and TikTok. We wanted to mix genre types from fun/lifestyle to insight-driven educational, from team exposure "here's our videographer Bryce" to revealing market trends. Of course, creating video content is not easy. It's a time-consuming process that can drain creative juices -- but our team was up for the challenge. 

For 90 days, the Firebelly Marketing team created and published video-first content, including visually impressive edits, simple and relatable but well-thought-out pieces of content, and actionable nuggets of wisdom. Creating video content for 90 days straight is challenging but we overcame it with tight creative planning sessions built into our workflow, which included location, props, talent and style notes as routine. The videos that appear “in the moment” were highly strategized productions. 


Post Examples: 



With a goal of lifting all of our key monthly KPIs as the central objective of this strategy, we were able to: 

Through this vertical video content plan, we learned the following lessons; Processes and protocols are key.

You need resources - time, effort, and money. You must tailor the content to the platform-based audience. While success can certainly be measured by numbers, it can also be measured in sentiment, brand visibility, and awareness. During this process, the sentiment around Firebelly’s social media channels became increasingly positive and created a more loyal following. This positive sentiment transcended the realm of social as the team was also approached, in real life, by our social followers to talk about how they recognized our content and looked forward to seeing more. Social transcended the medium, and we saw real-world results.


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