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“Walk in the Park” and “Stop the Spread”

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How can the brand connect with prospective patients and continue to message them with a more personalized approach? Utilizing social media, initially engage with prospective patients with out-of-control gout through social media ads and continue the engagement with retargeting ads to encourage them to take the “next step” in their KRYSTEXXA journey. 


Patients who are on oral gout medications and continue to suffer from out-of-control gout need to be made aware that KRYSTEXXA is a treatment option to be considered. Based on a successful initial social media campaign that focused on a “Life’s a Beach” theme, the next iteration of the prospecting ad is the current Walk in the Park. 


Using an everyday activity that our target might have missed out on while experiencing out-of-control gout, the theme of this prospecting ad message plays on a common phrase: that chronic gout is no “walk in the park.” The primary action from these initial prospecting ads drives to the Find-A-Specialist tool on the website. 


To continue the prospective patient engagement, the website find-a-specialist tool includes a pixel tag, which identifies that a prospect conducted a search. This fired pixel tag then triggers the retargeting social media ad with a “Ready to see a gout specialist?” message and a prompt to talk with a Gout Nurse Advocate to prepare for a visit with a specialist, thus continuing the prospective patient’s “next step” KRYSTEXXA awareness journey. 


Utilizing this retargeting strategy further, the brand also uses other pixel tags placed on the KRYSTEXXA website that identify various activities a prospective patient has taken. When one of these other pixel tags is fired, a specific “next step” retargeting ad is delivered. For example, if the prospective patient took the Gout Quiz on the website, then the “Ready to find a gout specialist?” retargeting ad would be delivered, or if the general website visit pixel tag was fired (and no other action taken), then the “See if your gout is out of control” retargeting ad would be delivered. 



This prospecting and retargeting social ad strategy has shown a strong performance. The Walk in the Park prospecting ads continue to perform well and drive initial website traffic. The “next step” retargeting ads and strategy have exceeded expectations with a CTA action rate increase of 53% in 2022. 


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Epsilon Agency, Horizon Therapeutics

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