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Von D Shoes

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The campaign for Von D Shoes was a multi-platform digital marketing effort aimed at aligning and growing the emerging luxury shoe brand. Using 100% vegan materials and designed by celebrity entrepreneur Kat Von D, the brand sought to tap into a market of individuals who identified with its mission.

Our agency was brought on board to provide strategic alignment and growth for the emerging brand, and to create a seamless omnichannel approach to reach its audience through a series of four goals. The first was to gain a better understanding of the audience's needs, both in terms of the product offerings and the content produced on digital channels. The second was to create a roadmap for the brand's future, including a pricing strategy and business plan.

The third goal was to build a cohesive communications strategy to position the brand effectively on various digital channels through its unique identity. This included creating a marketing calendar that was seamless across channels, allowing customers to experience Von D Shoes through multiple touchpoints. The final goal was to increase traffic and revenue across all channels, using paid media, paid search, and social contesting to supplement the digital marketing efforts.

Strategy and Execution

To bring the campaign for Von D Shoes to life, our agency executed it in four distinct phases. The first phase focused on customer profiling, market research, and brand auditing, allowing us to hone in on the brand's purpose & identity and align it with the needs of its audience. Our target audience was strong, fashion-minded women aged 25-45, and we positioned the brand as providing greater self-expression through luxury vegan shoes for all.

Phase two included a focus on operational strategy, forming a partnership with the Shopify warehouse as a distribution center, and offering free shipping within the United States. We also implemented a new pricing strategy to increase margins on the products and refreshed the website for a better shopping experience.

In phase three, we focused on creative direction, photography, motion design, and graphics. The resulting visuals conveyed the idea of luxury goods at punk prices, and served as anchors for all future content on all channels, upholding the desired brand feel. These creative initiatives drew inspiration from Old Hollywood and Haute Couture, appealing to beauty & the desire to covet these truly luxury products.

Finally, phase four included email marketing, social media marketing, media buying, and organic public relations, all focused on building trust with the consumer and increasing average order values and lifetime customer metrics.

Throughout the campaign, we faced several challenges, including the need to create a cohesive communications strategy and build trust with our audience. Another one of the major challenges we faced was the competitive nature of the luxury vegan shoe market. To overcome this, we focused heavily on creating a unique brand identity through a multi-platform approach. Highlighting the high-quality, long-lasting nature of Von D Shoes' products, combined with our comprehensive marketing strategy, and our focus on operational efficiency, allowed us to effectively differentiate the brand and drive performance.


Our client, Von D Shoes, saw tremendous success through our multi-platform approach and retooled brand identity. We were able to increase our market size, expand to international markets, and implement new sales funnels. This led to a stronger product-market fit and reduced customer pain points, as well as a shortened buyer journey. As a result, we saw a reduced time between orders, increased average order value, and increased retention.

On social media, we saw a 222% increase in Instagram Reach and an 8000% increase in Facebook Reach. Our content saw a 3000% increase in engagement, leading to 150K new followers. Our posts received an average of 40K Reel views, 1.5K likes, 50 comments, and 65 shares.

Paid social also played a major role in our success, with 12.3 million in paid reach and 6.7 million in paid impressions. Our conversion campaigns with purchase objectives had a blended return on ad spend of 8.2.

Email marketing was another key channel for our campaign. Our newsletter sign-up rate was 21.5%, with an average campaign open rate of 33%. Currently, email marketing generates 55% of our revenue through SMS campaigns and flows.

Overall, the impact of our campaign was tremendous. We saw a 52% increase in total sales compared to the previous fiscal year, a 34% increase in online store sessions, a 25% increase in returning customers, and a 22% increase in total orders. We are extremely proud of these results and consider our campaign to be a resounding success.


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Good Kids Creative Inc., Von D Shoes


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