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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Vamos a Reparar el Daño

Entered in Social Good Campaign


Everyone knows that cigarettes are harmful to your health. Many people even associate cigarette butts with pollution on our streets. What most people DON’T know is that big tobacco is also a major plastic polluter.  Every cigarette butt you see contains 15,000 microplastic fibers! Microplastics are now found in our food, water, and air causing great harm to the environment and to our health. New studies show that microplastics have been found in the blood, lungs, breast milk, and even the placenta of living humans.

In partnership with the California Department of Public Health and its California Tobacco Control Program, Univision Los Angeles set out on a mission to inform Latino audiences of the shocking, microplastics pollution facts that big tobacco wants to keep hidden.

It is imperative that the Latino community becomes aware of the dangers big tobacco poses when it comes to microplastic pollution.

Strategy and Execution

Leveraging Univision’s brand recognition and its ability to engage with target audience, we launched an interactive and informative social campaign aimed at Latinos in the state of California. The campaign was designed to provide a learning yet interactive experience for our audience with the goal of arming them with the knowledge about microplastics in cigarettes and big tobacco’s efforts to keep people ignorant of this danger.

To engage our audience with our messaging we employed the following tactics:


The message about the dangers of microplastics in cigarettes was delivered through the social accounts of all Univision’s local California TV and Radio stations.

These results demonstrated the effectiveness of the campaign in raising awareness and driving engagement and traffic to CTCP and provided valuable insights for future partnership campaigns.


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Univision 34 Los Angeles


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