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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Too Faced TikTok

Finalist in TikTok Presence


As one of the leading beauty category early adopters of social media and tech, the Too Faced objective for our TikTok channel this year continued to focus on leveraging new, best-in-class and innovative tech and marketing offerings through the platform to engage with our existing followers and connect with new audiences. We know that building a community on a growing social media channel like TikTok is a long game, and as such we doubled down on our committment to creating native, relevant content while test-driving new and noteworthy platform extensions, such as TikTok's Live Shopping Alpha. 

Strategy and Execution

Growing our TikTok community took time, dedication, careful consideration and of course, authentic and frequent engagement. By keeping a varied strategy, we were able to create new points of entry to our brand page and in turn, increase our community size. Some of our 2022 TikTok initiatives of note include: 

-Too Faced was one of the only and first beauty brands invited to participate in the Too Faced Live Shopping Alpha. Since the brand’s debut with Live Shopping, it’s held 64 shows (and counting), most lasting 2 hours each, and hosted by an in-house Global Beauty Executive Director and a Live Shopping Ambassador, hired specifically to grow this initiative. These weekly shows have allowed the brand to build community on the platform—giving TikTok users a peek behind the curtain. The brand has kept fans excited by inviting TikTok creators to co-host including @mollyburke – a motivational speaker who is legally blind, actress/comedian @amandamccants and social media star @mar.hacks.




In 2022, Too Faced achieved a coveted and difficult feat: hitting 1M followers on TikTok. Too Faced is now one of only four beauty brands to hit the 1M+ mark on TikTok and- the only non-celebrity beauty brand to hit this mark, as well. 

Additionally, when looking at brand page views, Too Faced is by far leading all beauty brands on number of video views on our Too Faced TikTok page. These views also don’t take into account hashtag challenges, or influencer posts using our brand or product hashtags. These are views of the actual content Too Faced is creating or hosting on our own page.

As of November 2022, Too Faced has 431,220,642 brand page views- this is 71% higher than the #2 brand's page views. 

This achievement is especially noteworthy because of how difficult it has historically been for brands to reach this level of following on TikTok. Some of these challenges include:

1. TikTok's relative nasency, it's only been around since 2016, but exploded in 2020.

2. TikTok as a platform is much more geared to a personality-driven or content creator focused format, so that makes it extra challenging for brands without that “celebrity” (like Too Faced) to break through this threshold.

3. Brands like ours are very limited in building viral followings through the traditional TikTok routes of using viral music or sounds due to copyright and legal issues.

Additionally, theresults of Too Faced’s first-to-market Live Shopping initiative have included gaining 100K+ unpaid organic impressions during a live shopping event and building one of the largest engaged communities among beauty brands on the platform.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Too Faced Cosmetics