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Tiger Pistol and Wendy’s Set New Standard for QSR Advertising

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Tiger Pistol partnered with The Wendy’s Company for a national-to-local social advertising strategy to drive visitation and sell more by unlocking the power of social advertising at scale. In order to accomplish this, Tiger Pistol and Wendy’s outlined the following goals: 

1) Unlock unprecedented brand control through a centralized campaign template library and a streamlined multi-step approval process.

2) Consolidate Wendy's disparate agencies into one platform to unify campaign data collection -- both for agencies that work across many Facebook Ad Accounts and for Wendy's as a central hub. 

3) Efficiently unlock new campaign opportunities and strategies for agencies, such as multi-language variance and localized dynamic creative ads.

Strategy and Execution

Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ for franchises enables Wendy’s social team to create brand-approved templated campaigns that can be easily deployed through Wendy’s local agency teams to reach individual stores, DMA store groups, and everything in between. In addition, local teams are more easily able to collaborate with Wendy’s national team through Tiger Pistol’s Approval Workflow Engine, which enables agencies to submit customized imagery and messaging for rapid brand approval to maintain brand compliance. To superpower Wendy’s local social ads, Tiger Pistol integrates its platform with Wendy’s Yext local listing profiles. This integration creates a single source of truth for local store data for low-maintenance location management as well as automated ad overlays that can highlight unique restaurant attributes. The platform transformed Wendy’s local strategy by giving agency partners the flexibility to advertise by region, DMA, franchise groups, individual restaurants, or through any custom ad targeting set.


Advanced Ad Management Features

Regional agencies needed more advanced tooling exposed on campaigns, such as advanced scheduling, day-part flight options, budget and optimization management, as well as additional creative latitude. To achieve this, Tiger Pistol enhanced the campaign launch screens for partners, adding specific configurations to allow regional agencies more functionality for campaigns shared with them by the brand team. 

Brand Compliance and Control: Approvals Workflow 

Tiger Pistol reworked its campaign template workflow into two paths. To achieve this, Tiger Pistol developed a custom workflow for partners that allows advanced users robust campaign customization options they might be accustomed to with Meta's native tooling, while simultaneously providing a streamlined click-and-launch approach to partners that desired a simpler workflow. By owning and managing the initial campaign creation, Wendy's is able to guide agencies based on corporate best practices while giving them critical leeway to serve their franchise customers as they see fit. All of this is accomplished with the critical oversight of an Approvals Workflow.

Tiger Pistol reworked its campaign template workflow to give Wendy's brand team effective control over all content produced through the platform without sacrificing critical speed-to-launch. Agency partners have full capabilities to either build their own ads completely from scratch, or pull in an existing template provided by Wendy's corporate -- which they can tweak as much or as little as they want. All of these decision points for the agency ultimately goes through Wendy's before publishing, giving their corporate brand team ultimate control of their brand across Meta.



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Tiger Pistol, The Wendy's Company


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