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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Return Key

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The Return Key is a story. It’s not an ad. It’s not a campaign. It’s not a sales gimmick. The Return Key is a piece created to represent what we stand for as people. You won’t see a call to action at the end of this video. We did that on purpose. The action is to go home and go camping. Return to what matters.

We refuse to build businesses that are devoid of human value. We believe that technology and people should work together to elevate humanity–not the opposite. The Return Key is a call to all of us as humans to come back to what matters–to laugh, cry, breathe, and be human…because the clock is ticking.

What does this have to do with B2B technology? Everything. It has everything to do with B2B technology because the people you’re trying to sell to are not CTOs, asset managers, or c-suite leaders. They are mothers, fathers, sons, brothers, daughters–they are humans and they hunger for meaning beyond technology.

This piece is an example of the care, quality, storytelling, and intention that we put behind helping every digital transformation leader elevate their brand and amplify their message. We put compelling, human stories at the foundation of everything we do for ourselves and our clients.

Strategy and Execution

We have started by creating a stand alone landing page on our website, to host and feature the film. The idea is to draw people into the intention and story behind the film, before they watch it. 

The roll out of promotion includes a LinkedIn campaign, centered around "return to what matters", with cut downs and clips of the film, along with link backs to both the Vimeo and the landing page. We will also roll out a series of cutdowns for REELs and Shorts on Instagram and YouTube. We will be surrounding those clips with powerful caption and tags to draw organic reach, and will use those audience metrics to boost the post to similar audiences. 

Also, submitting the short film to as many film festivals as possible. We want to world to see that Forrest Co. can make powerful, high quality films - to garner respect from filmmakers, as well as reference for future clients. 


Our team's objective was to tell a story about humanity in business. And that objective is absolutely a success. This campaign's goal is not in reach or impressions, but in depth of meaning. The founders of Forrest deeply believe in prioritizing family, life, and relationships above deadlines and burn out. 

This project not only tells the story of investing your time into your humanity, but also embodies it - it is an investment in the Forrest story, regardless of the ROI of the film. 


Video for The Return Key

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Forrest Co, Forrest Co


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