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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Honey Pot Company

Gold Honor in Instagram Presence


Our Instagram efforts are focused on driving meaningful engagement. We aim to bring the Honey Pot Co brand to life through consumer-centric brand awareness efforts with purposeful articulation, thoughtful partnerships and honing into consumer behavior on the brand and category levels.  

We take pride in being a voice in the marketplace and in the vaginal care aisle that speaks directly to today’s consumer in a way that is engaging, warm, real and trustworthy. Our objective on Instagram is to educate, support, and provide humans around the world with the tools to support their vaginal wellness journeys. 

Strategy and Execution

Our brand, tone of voice and representation across all of our channels punctuates Diversity, Inclusion and Community. They are hyper-focused on serving marginalized communities whose voices are often suppressed and whose experiences are overlooked. This comes about in providing a safe space for all conversations and breaking stigmas on what it is to be a human with a vagina, with a focus on the Black community's lived experiences. We provide education, empowerment, and levity where traditionally humans are taught to feel fear or shame. In addition to our owned efforts, this includes providing Black and Brown content creators our platform to amplify their voices and impactful stories.  


Vulva Cartoons 

At the Honey Pot Co we believe that vulva and vaginal care is at the center of wellness. With the incredible varied adventures we experience throughout our lifetimes as humans with vaginas, what better way to talk about vaginal care than giving it its own voice? In 2021 we introduced Miss Pussy P who takes us through everything from having a not-so-great gynecologist visit, strapping down a heavy flow pad ahead of clotting, struggling through an itchy yeast infection and more. Our social media has tapped into numerous community experiences to create a jovial, sassy and educated figurehead for our community. This has become one of our most successful tactics reaching millions of humans (last year alone) to demystify intimate experiences, add humor to experiences that are traditionally stressful and scary, and empower our community with education and stigmatization. 

Community Illustrations 

Our community is the core of who The Honey Pot Co is. To further represent this key pillar of our brand we’ve brought our family to life with cartoons illustrating the myriad of experiences for humans with vaginas, and moreover how this comes to fruition with aging, sex, relationships, professionalism and current events in our society. This series of content shows how lived experiences extend beyond our nuclear relationships, but with partners, familial connections...or even a one night stand with our most successful post yet. As these humans navigate the complex emotions in each of the series, The Honey Pot Co is able to shine a light on the hidden, celebrate the uncomfortable and reach millions with a forum to connect with one another. 



The Honey Pot Co has built an unmatched brand persona on social media, providing a safe space for vaginal education and empowerment. No giveaways, no clickbait, no bots – we dedicate our channel to embody the unfiltered experiences of vaginal care with poignant education, humor and honesty to drive engagement. 

We are the #1 followed and engaged with vaginal care brand on Instagram! In 2022 we reached 21M humans from our organic social efforts from a multitude of viral posts, brand campaigns and community activations, resulting in 13.3M interactions. We’ve successfully built a strong longstanding and intimate relationship with our community that transcends off channel and into the shelves. 

The Honey Pot Co has also implemented a user-generated content program with brand ambassadors who double as micro-influencers to offer a nuanced, multi-faceted view on the experience of being a human with a vagina.  


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The Honey Pot Company


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