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Aldeas Infantiles SOS España is an organization (NGO) aimed at helping kids, youth and families in situations of distress.   


We believe all kids and youths have the right to grow within a family, in a home, in which to feel sure, loved, and protected. 


In Aldeas Infantiles SOS España we side with the kids, teens and youths right to participate in society,  but unfortunately our world is still very adult-centric and they have very seldom the opportunity to make themselves heard.  


This is a group that has a lot to contribute to and that we don´t listen to enough. That is why we want to facilitate that they have their own public space to voice themselves and where their rights are respected. 


The objectives:

In order to face this situation and address these challenges, Aldeas Infantiles aims to:


Strategy and Execution

And that is what the platform (WeHaveALotToSay) #TenemosMuchoQueDecir is about: to bring them voice and visibility and make sure their message will be heard and will impact though all the society. 


Since we wanted to reach, impact and convince a very diverse group of people, we decided to test a totally new approach. 


We kicked off a strategy that combines SCIENCE in the methodologies with EMOTION in the messaging. 


We covered the themes and problems that most disturb and affect kids and youth in our society. 


But, most of all, given that we were in a starting mode, we wanted to put together and develop an outstanding test program, aimed to get continuous optimization of the platform, while following the messaging strategy of Aldeas Infantiles SOS España. 


At this point, our main goal was to get useful and valuable learnings for the future, in order to get an ongoing optimization of the platform, reinforcing step by step our brand messaging. 


We actually got very valuable learnings:


The YouTube channel was clearly the winner for all evaluated metrics. 


Influencer outreach, both professional experts as well as digital natives, outperformed other kinds of content. 


Customization of formats, platforms, devices and viewing windows was key to create and develop communities around the initiative.  


So far, we have made outstanding progress. However, there is still a long way to go. 


A significant component of our strategy was based on a sophisticated “influencers matrix”, that analyzes their outreach, impact and traction on different audiences, in order to extrapolate the learnings to future actions.


All these efforts have become an incredible and extensive compilation of multiple learnings both in formats, channels, type of content, etcetera, that very seldom is implemented with this kind of commitment on a branded content operation. 


In only 4 months, since October 2022, the #TenemosMuchoQueDecir has achieved:





On VTR we were 9 points ahead of the market average, and on CTR we were twice as effective as the market average for similar projects. 


This initial stage has been extraordinarily successful, and its main mission of authentication of hypotheses and learnings for future phases met at 100%. We forecast a brilliant and fulfilling future. 


Aldeas Infantiles SOS España is one of the kids-and-youth care NGO more relevant that operate in our territory. And every single day, we are prouder and prouder of our work, commitment and results. 




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