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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Teen Wolf TikTok

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TikTok did not exist when Teen Wolf the series aired on MTV, and it was time to launch the account ahead of the franchise's return via Teen Wolf: The Movie. Our goal here was to grow our followers, launch the franchise on a platform it hadn't been before and engage a whole new generation of fans. When the official announcement came in September of 2021, we launched on the platform with the single video asset we had. From there, we held on publishing for almost two months while we strategized about what we could and could not do with the platform. When we held a binge stunt for the original series, we began publishing series clips that started to see massive success. As the movie began filming, we were able to head to the set and capture content with cast that would either roll out immediately or be held for a later date. We've tapped into our BTS video content, photo-mode posts, original digital packages, film and series footage, trailers, teasers, trends and so much more.

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At the beginning of our platform launch, we utilized series footage to drive fans on TikTok to stream the library of Teen Wolf on Paramount Plus. From there, we began leaning into behind-the-scenes content from the set of the actual film with a major focus on talent. Our first posts from set featuring Tyler Posey instantly hit upwards of millions of views -- we knew we hit a sweet spot. Our biggest challenges along the way were trying to tap into trends that we could connect back to the franchise, using trending audios that were brand-approved, seeding out talent-focused content so we didn't use all of it at once and learning what fans did or did not like seeing from us. We've used the platform to help promote not only the film but our six-part digital series that takes fans behind-the-scenes of the movie. We tap into fun trends that our fans love with talent that really resonates on the platform. When we released the official cast photos for the film, we dropped behind-the-scenes videos of the photoshoot on TikTok and had massive, massive success.


When we launched the account in September 2021, we truly started from scratch with 0 followers. In late 2022, we reached over 1.1M followers! The first ever footage from the film gained over 6M views, the first-look clip gained over 2.5M views and the official trailer has over 5.3M views. Our behind-the-scenes photoshoot TikToks have nearly 17M views combined, which made it one of our best weeks ever on the platform. We consistently test and learn with new trends and new video ideas, most recently breaking up longer digital packages into several parts, responding to fans that ask for Part 2 or Part 3. It's safe to say that the Teen Wolf TikTok is one of the fastest growing MTVE accounts in history.


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MTV Entertainment Studios, Paramount Media Networks and Paramount+


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