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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

TCS Research - #40andForward

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A completely organic campaign launched on LinkedIn, with a goal to tell the world about TCS’ best kept secret – TCS Research.

While TCS is known for its excellence in services, few were aware that it is a research-led organization. In 2021, we introduced the "TCS Research" brand to honor a 40-year-old institution with an identity, personality and set of associations for the future.

There are few scientific research brands in existence today, and the ones that exist inspire people. TCS Research is one such brand.

To raise awareness of TCS Research, we conceptualized and launched a campaign that would not just introduce the new brand to the world, but also shed light on 40 years of high impact (yet underplayed) work. This campaign was called ‘40 and forward’ – 40+ stories that capture the journey of forty years of research at TCS.

Our goals for this campaign:

Strategy and Execution

With TCS celebrating 40 years of Research, It was the perfect time to tell the world about TCS Research! We launched the campaign to boost brand awareness.

Our strategy: We told 40 stories that aligned to our brand beliefs and targeted specific audience segments of our brand.

Our content strategy was to convert highly scientific content into consumable and easily understandable social media posts, using the art of storytelling.

The execution was a well-coordinated and truly collaborative affair, consolidating content in various formats and locations, dating back from the 1980s! Given that each post was created from internal content (and not simple online research/ideation), it was imperative to put a process in place. Here’s how we did it:

A new campaign like this faced several challenges:


The organic campaign contributed tremendously to brand awareness:

This campaign, aptly called ‘40 and forward’ – helped capture the passion, scientific rigor, and the impact throughout the journey of forty years of research at TCS.

It has spurred our growth on LinkedIn and beyond, tremendously contributing to recognition, awareness, and recall of the TCS Research brand.


Video for TCS Research - #40andForward

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TCS Research


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