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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Show Me Yours - the first TikTok show from Prime

Finalist in Brand Awareness Campaign


It’s no secret that the height of the pandemic also drove the height of our collective streaming behavior. But, for younger generations, that streaming wasn’t happening with traditional content (30% less than older generations)–it was happening on TikTok, where 60% of the audience are GenZ. 

So, Prime challenged us to reach GenZ where they were at, with premium entertainment content the brand was known for. And that’s how the first ever TikTok series from Prime was born. 

“Show Me Yours” is a multi-part, multi-channel dating show, based on the question–“Does what you like to watch match who you like to date?”

Strategy and Execution

To launch a show on TikTok for GenZ, you need to be… “authentic.” So, we cast popular creators–Victoria Paris (known for lifestyle content), Markell Washington (dance) and Griffin Maxwell Brooks (athlete/fashion)–all looking for various types of love.  

We then developed (with the help of a producer from the Bachelor) the show to be produced specifically for the platform–complete with native graphics, features and editing techniques. For each Creator looking for love, we tested our watchlist match theory. And, in each episode, he/she/they met their potential suitors on virtual dates, then went into confessional style deliberations into asking someone out, and then into the in person date… a welcome ending after years of only screen to screen contact.  

Knowing that our audience would likely discover the series out of order on their FYP (For You Page), each asset was developed to tell a complete and satisfying story, flirting with the viewer to click through to Prime's page for more. To create additional entry points and build the story, each episode was supplemented by unique “side pieces” from each of the Creators, their suitors, and from platform critics, all dishing out dating hot takes (episode playlist). 

Show Me Yours premiered with 46 unique assets–creating a series with multiple entry points to click through for more. And click they did…


As it turns out, if you play by GenZ’s rules, they reward you. In the first three weeks after premiere, Show Me Yours garnered millions of views –8,928,429 to be exact. Fans of our leads (with a combined following of 12+ million), as well as the suitors, engaged with each and every piece of the show, weighing in with match theories, shipping other pairs, and praising their favorite TikTokers for hitting the big (small) screen with Prime. On top of hours of viewing time, the show received 367,953 likes, 3,086 comments and 755 shares, totaling 371,794 true engagements. We showed GenZ a new way to watch a dating show, and they showed us love right back. 

“I’m more invested than I was in this season of The Bachelor”

“This is a… masterpiece” 

“this is so cute i’m sick”

“I’m crying because of the amazing representation 😭 desi queer with desi attire, I just loved this all so much”

“This series was a brilliant idea”

“i can’t stop smiling, these dates were so cute 🥺”

And, the results on whether or not what you watch matches who you like? You’ll have to watch to find out. 


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Anomaly Content & Entertainment, Prime


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