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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Super Bowl Dream House Cadillac Wall

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


In a competitive housing market, it can be tough to land the home of your dreams. That’s why buyers are always looking for an advantage. In the Barbie Dreamhouse Super Bowl LVI commercial, the creative team juxtaposed children and Barbie against the grim modern realities of home buying, from vulturine lenders to speculators flush with cash offers and house-flippers inflating the market. So, in 2022, Super Bowl viewers were treated with watching Barbie land her Malibu pad with some help from Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage, your one-stop shop to find and finance your dream home.


The commercial was rated #1 by USA Today’s Ad Meter, graded a B by the Kellogg students and rated at five stars by Advertising Age. The commercial was also supported by a plethora of social executions on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, and in downtown Detroit, on the Cadillac Building overlooking Campus Martius, a giant out of home placement dominated the city’s landscape for over 3 months.

Strategy and Execution

To meet the quick deadline, the creative team took a simple idea and brought it to life through hours of concepting, writing, designing and the building out of this giant ad. The mammoth billboard, which was 98 feet by 137 feet, allowed for high visibility from people on foot or in their vehicles and was observable on the night the Rocket Barbie Dreamhouse commercial aired.


This one-of-a-kind ad placement used Barbie’s eye-catching and iconic pink in three fourths of the ad, focusing on her plastic hands to draw you in. The bottom third of the ad was white to draw your eye to the Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage logos. The headline, located at the top of the billboard, speaks to Rocket being able to find and finance anyone the home of their dreams – even if it has a pink slide!


Video for Super Bowl Dream House Cadillac Wall

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Rocket Central


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