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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Story Behind the Edit

Finalist in TikTok Partnership


Photoshop Express, Adobe’s photo-editing mobile app, challenged us with creating an influencer campaign on TikTok and Instagram to increase awareness and reach in an organic way that resonated with their Gen Z audience.

As a photo-editing app, Photoshop Express was faced with a daunting challenge: how to connect with a generation that values transparency and authenticity, and doesn’t condone heavily editing or distorting images. However, we rose to the challenge with unwavering determination.

Strategy and Execution

By delving into the depths of Gen Z culture and identifying the TikTok trend of exposing the truth behind perfectly curated Instagram feeds, we crafted a campaign that would change the game forever. 

‘The Story Behind The Edit’ campaign was born, where brave creators used the green screen feature to peel back the layers of seemingly flawless photos and reveal the truth, the edits, and the moments that made them human. These fearless storytellers used Photoshop Express to share their vulnerabilities, open up about their insecurities, and even make us laugh – all while showcasing the power of the app in a way that was genuine and relatable. This epic campaign was not only a success for photo editing, but a triumph for authenticity and transparency – exactly what our audience needed


The campaign, captivated 1.4 million people and drove an unprecedented 45% average engagement rate, soaring 2,153% above the standard set by Instagram and TikTok with their average engagement rates of just 2% and 7% respectively.


Video for Story Behind the Edit

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kvell collective, Adobe Photoshop Express


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