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Sperry and PFLAG National’s LGBTQ+ Campaign on TikTok & Instagram

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Sperry reached out to Mavrck to launch their influencer marketing campaign with PFLAG National. Sperry aimed to launch an influencer marketing campaign that prioritized allyship and support of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. PFLAG National is the ​nation's first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and those who love them.

One key component of this co-collaboration was the creator-sourcing process. Both Sperry and PFLAG National understood that LGBTQ+ consumers and allies would be both the primary audience as well as the ideal creator persona. They wanted to partner with an intentionally diverse group of Gen Z and Millennial creators who had a penchant for bright, colorful, and thoughtful content.

While not a requirement, the brands also hoped to work with creators who would feature coastal geography and had previous awareness or personal involvement with PFLAG. To accomplish this bespoke mission, Sperry and PFLAG National worked with Mavrck to carefully source a group of micro-influencers for their campaign, partnering with them to produce TikTok and Instagram content. Each creator was compensated with a competitive cash payment.

Strategy and Execution

This campaign, which was a collaborative effort between Sperry and PFLAG National, needed buy-in from both parties. Mavrck worked alongside both brands to agree on all elements — the final creative brief, the influencer selection, and all drafted content, which included proposed imagery and verbiage. With these pieces in mind, Sperry knew that it would need to adjust its timeline to accommodate each review cycle.

Once Sperry and PFLAG National finalized a group of creators, they worked with Mavrck to brief them on their task: to produce content for TikTok and Instagram that celebrated Pride Month while driving PFLAG awareness. While the secondary objective was to promote Sperry’s Pride collection, the primary focus was the partnership between Sperry and PFLAG National.

Creators were asked to tag @Sperry and @pflag and include the hashtags #SperryPride, #SperryStyle, #MakeWaves, and #ad to help Sperry and PFLAG track campaign progress while adhering to FTC regulations. To get the most out of creator content, Sperry and PFLAG National also worked with Mavrck to execute a paid media strategy that repurposed influencer content on Sperry’s channels.


Clear expectations, ample resources, a flexible timeline, robust creator sourcing, and a creative environment helped Sperry and PFLAG’s influencer marketing campaign with Mavrck to reach a wide audience on TikTok and Instagram. A total of 10 creators produced a combined 44 pieces of content. That content drove 391,000 impressions and 19,800 engagements, with an average engagement rate of 5.1%


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