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Speed Showdown

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How do you get gamers to stop their scrolling and play a game where they least expect it? The singular insight driving our concept is that gamers love to challenge themselves. We set out to design an experience that would get gamers to test their skills, with the goals of increasing time spent and shares.


We knew that our game would get eyeballs on Snap. But what we needed to ensure was that gamers would not only want to actually play our game, but also share it with their friends. Cracking the game concept itself was the key. So we came up with a concept that would challenge gamers to test their reaction skills, something we know is coveted and celebrated in the gaming community. 

Once the concept was finalized, the team began designing and developing the lens. The lens includes a simple game that requires users to tap the screen as quickly as possible when a target appears. The game gets progressively more challenging as users advance through different levels. The team used cutting-edge technology to measure users’ response times and provide real-time feedback. 

Along the way, we were faced with a couple of development issues; notably, we needed to ensure that the blue dots falling across the screen would increase in speed the longer time spent with the game. Through rounds of troubleshooting and partnering with Snap’s development team, we were able to design and develop the game to be experienced in its intended way.

Lastly, we knew that by having 100Thieves help us with the development was just the first foray into our concept. By sharing footage of 100T play our game, we were able to garner the authenticity needed to gain the enthusiasm of the gamer community.


Gamers are important and strategic audience to our client, AT&T Fiber. After having studied them at length, we know one thing for sure about them - they are always open to friendly competition and the results prove it. 

The Speed Showdown achieved outstanding results, with a 236% lift in CTR to our campaign landing page and 5% reduction in bounce rate. Users spent 62% more time with the game compared to the benchmark, proving that users were not only interested in the lens, but also spent a significant amount of time engaging with it. 

With the Speed Showdown we were the first telco to not just tell gamers about the speed and reliability of our product, but show them through an interactive and engaging game that got them excited to play, share, and brag about their skills.


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Critical Mass, AT&T

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