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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Speed Showdown

Finalist in Filter/Lens

About this entry

When it comes to gamers, 2 things are abundantly clear: they love gaming but they don’t love engaging with brands. So how does AT&T Fiber let gamers know that their high-speed, reliable internet will improve gameplay, without making them want to 🤦‍♂️? Talk to them through the language they speak best: gaming.

To drive consideration of our best-in-class connection, we designed a competitively addictive experience on Snap that challenged gamers to test their reaction times while introducing them to AT&T Fiber… The Speed Showdown.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We started with 2 truths — one emotional, one physical. The emotional truth: competition fuels gamers. The physical truth: all gamers think they have the fastest reaction times. From there, we set out to create a game that would simultaneously challenge gamers, be share-worthy among the gaming community, and introduce players to AT&T Fiber’s speed along the way.

Partnering with Snap and leveraging their touch-technology, we made the prompt incredibly simple: tap as many blue orbs as you can to prove how fast your reaction times are (with the speed of the dots increasing along the way). But, like with all games, getting the pacing just right proved to be an immense challenge — the speed had to start at a pace accessible for a mass audience, but ultimately become fast enough to challenge even the most skilled gamers. If the game was too hard from the outset, not enough people would play. And if it wasn’t hard enough by the end, succeeding in the game wouldn’t be worth sharing with friends and followers. But finally, after weeks of adjustments with Snap’s development team, we got it just right. And to make it official, we teamed up with the GOATS of gaming, 100Theives, to test out the game and see for themselves...

Noah and Brooke played, approved, and posted their high scores on social to build buzz, garnering even more attention amongst the gaming world.


By creating a competitive experience for gamers, we were able to introduce the audience to our brand on their terms… and it worked, big time. Speed Showdown achieved a 236% lift in CTR to our campaign landing page, a 5% reduction in bounce rate, and users spent 62% more time with the game compared to the benchmark — collectively playing for over 3.4 years. With Speed Showdown, we learned that when it comes to gamers: make it fun, make it competitive, and the rest will follow.


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Critical Mass, AT&T

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