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Spectacular Science: A Regeneron Series

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During the pandemic, Regeneron experienced a dramatic increase in name recognition thanks to our investigational COVID-19 medicine. However, that didn’t necessarily correlate with true understanding of our company’s mission or capabilities. Our communications objective was to deepen awareness and trust among our newly aware audiences by educating on Regeneron's unique scientific capabilities and futuristic drug development technologies with a fresh and exciting creative approach.


We developed a series of one-minute videos to educate, inspire and elevate Regeneron's corporate reputation with engaging stories about our innovations in health and technology. Each chapter represents an important phase in our company’s journey to discover important medicines. Our videos use a memorable and distinct style to reflect our Regeneron identity – clever, bold and energetic, with a future-focused and inspirational tone designed to pique audience curiosity, entertain their interests and connect them to the Regeneron story.

Our challenge was to articulate highly scientific concepts in a creative, meaningful and engaging way for our non-scientific audiences. Each of our technology-centric chapters required close collaboration with internal experts across our research, clinical, genetics medicine and legal and regulatory divisions. To remind our audiences of the talent behind our groundbreaking science, each video features real employees driving forward our innovation.

To maximize the impact of our lean media investment, we created deeply refined audience archetypes to shape our media strategy based on consumption behavior and tailored our messaging to deliver against each audience's content interests. Our videos are prominently featured on our corporate website, with targeted ads running between August-December 2022 across YouTube, social media (Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), paid search, programmatic display and connected TV. We sponsored an advertorial on Vox’s digital publication “The Verge” with accompanying ad placements across their full media portfolio. To excite our colleagues and create brand advocates, we invested in a global internal campaign to announce each video drop with environmental ads offering colleagues at all our offices free specialty lattes and teas accompanied by messages driving back to our campaign. 


Using a combination of historical performance and reputation tracking, we established benchmarks to measure our efforts across three key pillars: increasing awareness while gaining trust, engaging with meaningful storytelling, and resonating with relevant audiences.

Thanks to our refined targeting, each video contributed to our larger success, with a combined ~100M impressions, exceeding our goal by 211%. We had 28.8M qualified views with over 25% completion and 171.8K clicks to site, driving an 808% increase in visitors to site.

Beyond just increasing traffic to site, users spent an average of 4:24 on our landing page, watching multiple videos and journeying forward to relevant pages including our pipeline, investors and careers sites, indicating sustained interest in learning more about our company. Our post-campaign surveys, brand lift studies and social listening pulses validated our campaign performance, showing a 40% lift in trust in one key audience and a 42% lift in familiarity the other.


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