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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Southwest Airlines “Go with Heart”

Entered in Multi-Platform Partnership


For the Southwest “Go with Heart” influencer campaign, our goal was to raise awareness of the unique and superior Southwest flying experience. We wanted to highlight the wonderful Southwest crew and all-around “heart” of Southwest Airlines.

We set a goal/benchmark of 6,700,000 million video views based on the views that Isaiah Garza’s previous posts received.

Strategy and Execution

We identified Isaiah Garza as the perfect influencer partner to help us reach our goal. We worked with him closely to plan a heart-warming trip for someone in need. After going through several different options, we decided Charlie was the perfect little girl to be at the heart of our story.

Six-year-old Charlie has been battling brain cancer since May 2020 and her dream was to take a trip to Hawaii with her family. In partnership with Isaiah Garza, Southwest made this little girl’s dream come true.

We had to work around her treatment schedule and make sure she was well enough to travel.

Once the stars aligned for travel dates, we worked with the Southwest ops team to ensure that Charlie and her family had the most amazing travel experience. Everything from the flight crew treating Charlie like the princess that she is to announcing her arrival on the plane. The hearts of all of the passengers on the plane bursted with love for Charlie.


Isaiah Garza posted his #southwestheart video across platforms on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram resulting in 41,800,000 video views! This exceeded our video views goal by 524%!  The CPM for Isaiah’s content exceeded our benchmark by 525%!

None of these videos were boosted.

Moreover, we warmed the hearts of millions of people with the video of Charlie flying to Maui. Her story was the perfect illustration of what it means to #gowithheart. 


Video for Southwest Airlines “Go with Heart”

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AMP Agency, Southwest Airlines


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