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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

MindNation Philippines Sound Mind Daily

Entered in Social Good Campaign

About this entry

Social withdrawal is one of the most common signs of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.  The problem is that when these people go in isolation, their condition can worsen and even be a risk factor for self-harm. MindNation Philippines, the country’s leading innovative mental health & well-being organization wanted to reach out and be there for these people even when they choose to escape from the world around them.

The brief was to create a simple yet powerful tool to ensure these people are never alone even if their condition forces them to go in isolation. Moreover, the creative execution should be a gateway for people with mental conditions to gain easy access to much-needed professional help from Mind Nation Philippines’ mental health professionals.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The objective is clearly easier said than done. The biggest gap that had to be bridged was the need to reach out and “be there” for mental health sufferers, especially during their episodes of social withdrawal. 

But how do we do this when they won’t even listen to the people who are closest to them? 

We let them listen to their own voice. 

We remind them that better days came and will still come by giving them a tool where they can listen to their happier and more hopeful thoughts.

With the guidance of mental health professionals, we created Sound Mind Daily - an innovative and easy-to-use VOICE JOURNAL that combines Artificial Intelligence with the mental health benefits of Journaling and mood-enhancing Binaural Audio/Music by Soundesign Manila. The web app is designed like a daily companion to help people – whether diagnosed or not with mental health conditions, release their innermost feelings, especially in moments of social withdrawal.

But more than just a safe space for thoughts only you know of, it aggregates your happier & hopeful entries to curate uplifting playlists you can listen to on difficult days. So even when you’re alone, you have someone to turn to for encouragement – you.

Best of all, the web app generates a monthly emotional summary that leads users to MindNation Philippines’ website for guidance and professional help.


Positive feedback from users, especially those with diagnosed mental health conditions, prove that the app delivers to its promises. Moreover, Sound Mind Daily is just getting started as it is now used around the world in countries like the Philippines, China, Singapore, Germany, France, and the United States to name a few – helping people take a step into mental wellness every single day.

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