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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

ShopRite Social Video Series: A Snackable, Shoppable Success!

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Our core objective was to position ShopRite grocery stores, and ShopRite Own Brands products, to appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z audience. This younger audience seeks inspiration on Social Media, looking for snackable how-to content to simplify their lives.  As a grocery store, we offer a wide variety of products, from food and beverage to cleaning and décor. We set out to create an innovative video content series that would incorporate our wide portfolio of products and increase affinity among our target audience.

To build the right approach, we partnered with First Media, the industry leader in viral social content, to create 8 videos to be distributed across their So Yummy and Blossom social properties. First Media’s popular accounts, Blossom and So Yummy, index highly with the Millennial audience.

Strategy and Execution

We identified key holidays and moments throughout the year that laddered back to our corporate marketing calendar, including Summer BBQ, Spring Cleaning, Tailgating, Halloween, Holiday and Hispanic Heritage Month. We worked with our internal procurement teams to identify our key Own Brand items to promote during those seasonal drive periods, and then set out to create compelling co-branded videos to be distributed on the Blossom, So Yummy and ShopRite social properties.

The resulting video series featured recipes and DIY how-tos and hacks that reached millions of consumers across our trading area! The videos linked back to our website, where each recipe hack was made shoppable, so customers could simply add all ingredients to their carts in two clicks or less! Easy online shopping was a key component to the campaign, making it easy to convert our highly digitally-engaged core target.  

We were especially proud of our stand-out Hispanic Heritage Month video, which amplified our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion among the many communities we serve. We paired the right ShopRite Own Brand product assortment with a selection of innovative hacks that packed fun twists on traditional recipes from various Hispanic cultures. This video became our most popular of the series – a viral success story!


The numbers speak for themselves! Overall, the 8 videos earned an incredible 29M+ Views, 70M+ Impressions, 25.5k+ Saves, 14k+ Shares, and 928k+ Engagements! The videos earned top positions for most viewed content pieces by retail brands, ahead of branded content by retail giants Walmart, Target and Amazon.

The So Yummy/ShopRite Hispanic Heritage Month video was the #1 most viewed branded video on Facebook in 2022! The video earned 8 Million Views, 18 Million Impressions, 1.4 k Shares and 38.4k Engagements.

We met our core objective of reaching a younger audience, as we gained 3.1% against the Millennial/Gen Z target over our 2022 fiscal year.  ShopRite Own Brand penetration also grew by 7% among this target.

We were thrilled to see our fun, snackable hack content making an impact and clearly reaching our core audience. Seeing hundreds of positive comments from our customers, and inspiring them to try new recipes and activities with their families, was the icing on the cake!


Video for ShopRite Social Video Series: A Snackable, Shoppable Success!

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Wakefern Food Corp Internal Advertising Agency, ShopRite Supermarkets


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