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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Driving Hispanic Culture with Chevy Silverado

Entered in Multicultural Community Engagement

About this entry

Our goal was to hyper-connect with the Chevy Hispanic target, the Hispanic auto intender n a very authentic way, leveraging cultural passion points such as cooking, to drive brand resonance. We worked with Adsmovil who recommended Hispanic influencer and renowned chef, Aaron Sanchez, a bilingual Hispanic of Mexican descent, to create original content that would speak to the role of the Chevy vehicle in the creation of the content, organically. Ensuring cultural and linguistic relevance was paramount, to evoke a cultural and emotional connection. We wanted to drive both brand awareness and engagement across a plethora of environments/screens, including audio, video, display and custom high-impact ads. The content was available in mobile, tablet, desktop, and CTV screens.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our first challenge was to identify the personality who would drive engagement with the Hispanic community, based on the brief’s objective. Aaron Sanchez’s Mexican background, his successful, growing career including his presence on MasterChef made him a very appealing candidate as food is a key Hispanic passion point. Aaron’s family is a key pillar to his life including his son and the generations that shaped him, tapping into the important target objective of hitting family values and multi-generational cultural traditions. Additionally, he lives in Los Angeles, which has a high incidence of Hispanics. Second challenge, finding an organic association between food and the Chevy Silverado. We highlighted the Chevy Silverado as a supporting character alongside chef Aaron Sanchez in this custom content series. Vehicle placements and integrations were organically woven throughout the storyline as an extension of who Aaron is and as a tool to his everyday life as a chef, as a dad, and as a mentor in the Hispanic community. The Silverado helped Aaron haul food and supplies, experience new places with close friends and adventure off-the-beaten path to show our target audience that you can make a culturally charged phenomenal meal anywhere your Silverado may take you. The third challenge was content distribution. These stories are 3 minutes long and considered long form content. The question was, how do we drive traffic to the videos since the content was too long as a stand-alone and needed to be 30 seconds for ad purposes. So, we decided to edit the videos and create ads that worked across all media to reach all Hispanics, across generations, during their daily lives.  In short, we created a digital omnichannel distribution strategy that included teaser videos to drive traffic to a landing page that hosted long format videos. We created audio ads for those wearing headphones while working. We created ads for C-TV for families engaging as a unit, mobile ads for individuals working and engaged with their mobile devices, and ads for tablets to better engage the younger generation. We edited content to better serve the media vehicle and the consumer.


The campaign drove brand awareness as evidenced by the high video completion rate, surpassing industry benchmarks. Additionally, the campaign created brand engagement and consideration with an overall CTR of 0.6%. We were also able to integrate and maintain the main idea across multiple environments/screens, extending both the breadth and depth of the campaign.

We surpassed many industry benchmarks as evidenced below:


Video for Driving Hispanic Culture with Chevy Silverado

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Carat, Adsmovil USA


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