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Red Light Challenge

Entered in TikTok


Amazon Alexa gave us a big challenge: create content for their TikTok channel that captivates Gen Z, drives channel growth and engagement, and positions Alexa at the center of culture.


We dove deep into TikTok trends and uncovered one where artists were challenging themselves to create art with only a red light on, meaning they couldn’t see what colors they were using during the entire process, until the final reveal. 

To bring this concept to life, we teamed up with a talented young artist, known for her incredible drawings. The artist used her Amazon Alexa to both kick off and wrap up the video by asking the device to turn on the red lights and regular lights, naturally making Alexa an important part of the artistic process and final color reveal at the end.


This became the most-viewed video on Alexa’s TikTok channel history with a monumental 9.8 million views and 1.4MM engagements. People were mesmerized by Alexa’s involvement in this trend, as well as the art being created. This video was a game-changer as it solidified Alexa as part of the cultural zeitgeist.


Video for Red Light Challenge

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kvell collective, Amazon Alexa99


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