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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

“Protect Your Everything”

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


The “Protect Your Everything” campaign which ran from  8/1 through 11/27, was conceptualized by LA-based creative agency Haymaker. The ultimate security system doesn’t just protect you, It gives you peace of mind.  The freedom to forget all about security and the ability to feel safe in the moments you'd give anything to protect. At Arlo, we’re focused on security and nothing else. As a result, we've engineered a seamless, best-in-class security experience. Giving you everything you need to protect your everything.  

To introduce this message to our customers the campaign features spots focused on two unique narratives that tap into the chaos of today’s world and the multitude of associated worries. Most Americans face common concerns and feel like they’re in danger daily, with 42% feeling unsafe in their own homes. “Protect Your Everything” leverages relatable headspace-occupying anxieties to offer viewers a sense of control and peace of mind enabled by smarter protection.

Strategy and Execution

The “Protect Your Everything” brand platform was designed to cut through the crowded landscape of “smart” tech while demonstrating the peace of mind that comes with Arlo’s smart security solutions. In this first campaign to introduce this brand positioning - called “Uncertainties Be Gone” - Arlo customers literally face their fears when confronted by their doppelgangers.  Their anxieties are quickly relieved when they realize how much the Arlo products and services give them total protection and peace of mind so they can get back to focusing on life. 

The campaign serves as a relatable visual representation of the worrisome inner voices surrounding security – an experience almost everyone can relate to. Confronted by troublesome thoughts like “Did you lock your door? Did someone steal that package off your porch? Did your kids make it home safe?,” the main characters are quickly relieved when they realize their Arlo products and services give them total protection. There have never been more uncertainties than there are in the world today, and Arlo’s mission is to tame those uncertainties, calm customers’ nerves and provide peace of mind when it comes to protecting the things that matter most.  

The hero spot in the campaign focuses on Natalie who is going about her day at the office when suddenly confronted by various people who look strangely familiar and are asking her questions like “did someone steal that package off your porch?” and “did your kids make it home safe?” - a reflection of her daily anxieties about the safety of her home and family.  To amplify the:30 we included two:15 cutdowns that drove home the effective product solutions Arlo has to protect your everything.

To support the spots and raise awareness on how Arlo ‘Protects Your Everything’ a full integrated campaign including a campaign page, digital media, paid and organic social posts, and affiliate marketing all reinforced the uncertainties messaging while driving direct sales to each featured product. 




Video for “Protect Your Everything”

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Haymaker, Arlo Technologies, Inc.


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